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Welcome to a wonderful mélange of Jacko past and present. Check out the first eight issues ever from 1909 and 1910 to see what the Jacko once was; explore the edgy “Sodomy Issue” from 1948 (featuring an all-nude spread of John Sloan Dickey), and the late 1990s issues printed before the switch in genre was made from humor magazine to bimonthly child pornographers’ industry newsletter.

Don’t ever expect to see a 1921-1925 “Dr. Seuss Years” series.


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Available now on Novack newsstands! Our annual newspaper issue: The Dartmovth The Jacko’s Oldest College Newsparody Click above to read online! Featuring: Freshman Get-Together Explodes Into Party Mode Once Keystone…


Frisbee Season Cancelled

In a tragedy that left everyone on the Dartmouth Ultimate Frisbee team having to go inside and find something else to do, the team’s one and only frisbee landed on…


Freshman Get-Together Explodes Into Party Mode Once Keystone Cracked Open

What was planned as an early evening hangout in the River Cluster turned into a full-on rager Friday night when one attendee broke out cold can of Keystone Light beer….


Guy On Longboard Never Stops For Friendship

  According to reports from students and faculty Monday morning, a mysterious longboarder was spotted kicking his way to parts unknown, never once stopping to let nobody love him. “Once…

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