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Baker Tower Renovated to Cast Invisibility Spell Over Webster Ave.

The administration confirmed this week that Dartmouth’s historic Baker Tower is currently under construction to include updated copper roofing, a new digital clock system, and a powerful spell that completely…


Five Unbelievable Bodybuilders Who Never Dieted!

Struggling to motivate yourself to hit the weights day after day AND eat all the right foods? Look for inspiration in these 5 incredible body builders who ate as much…


Karen, It’s Time To Cool It With The Mason Jars

 Karen I know you’ve caught the “craft bug” ever since Todd left, but you have to stop inundating me with mason jar crafts.  My house is rife with mason jar…


Ted Cruz suspends campaign, descends to underworld

Following a crushing loss in Indiana, Senator Ted Cruz announced today that he will be suspending his campaign and returning to his home in the darkest corner of the underworld….


Donald Trump rates Netflix Originals

Orange is the New Black This show would be much better if it only had the blonde one and the one who wears glasses but still looks hot. I don’t…


Air Bud Diagnosed With CTE

The legal owners of beloved sports icon Buddy, known for his eponymous Air Bud documentaries, have released a statement that says the dog was found to have signs of chronic…


Housing Communities Accidentally Sort Students by Race

Following the announcement of next year’s housing community placements, both students and faculty were surprised to discover that the clusters were almost entirely sorted by skin color. At eight o’clock…

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Movies Not To Watch With Your Parents This Spring Break

As spring break gets closer and closer, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be doing other than catching up on sleep. Sure, there are tons of lists about…


Introducing the New IT System to the Company

Hi Enerva employees, today we begin the update of our IT system that system will help to move our company fully into the cloud while expanding our investment opportunities worldwide….


You Said You Were Uncomfortable with Affection, but You Were Really Just Uncomfortable with Me

Sometimes the memories of our time together pop back into my head. I loved our date at the minigolf course, where you give me a surprise kiss after you shot a…