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    Baker Tower Renovated to Cast Invisibility Spell Over Webster Ave.

    July 14th, 2016

    The administration confirmed this week that Dartmouth’s historic Baker Tower is currently under construction to include updated copper roofing, a new digital clock system, and a powerful spell that completely hides all 23 Greek houses from view.

    “We knew the tower would have to be restored at some point,” said President Phil Hanlon of the structure that is under renovation for the first time since its construction in 1928, “But following recent controversy about the Greek system, we also saw this as a convenient opportunity to obscure one of the main problems with our campus climate.”

    Although it remains to be seen how much Dartmouth’s culture will truly change with the fraternities and sororities now invisible to the human eye, the disappearance of Webster Avenue has already caught the attention of several visitors to campus.

    “When we took a tour of Dartmouth this Monday, the guide definitely referred to his experience with the Greek system,” said Linda Harrison, whose high school daughter plans to apply this year, “But when we got past the math building, he just gestured toward some unmarked woods and then switched to talking about dining options.”

    “It actually makes leading tours so much easier,” remarked Harrison’s guide, Randy Stevens ’18, whom the admissions office had previously trained to divert visitors’ attention from Webster Ave. by pointing out cool birds in the distance or passing out blindfolds, “Now when I get questions about Greek life, I’m just supposed to smile and act like I have no idea what people are talking about.”

    So far, social life on campus has continued as usual, but Hanlon remains hopeful that things will really fall into place next month, when six high-intensity beams will be installed in the tower to illuminate the college’s new house communities.

    -AR ’18


    Five Unbelievable Bodybuilders Who Never Dieted!

    July 14th, 2016

    Struggling to motivate yourself to hit the weights day after day AND eat all the right foods? Look for inspiration in these 5 incredible body builders who ate as much as they wanted!

    1. Donatello


    Donatello built this body in 1440 on a hearty Renaissance diet of stews and roasts. You’d think all that extra fat and sodium might hold him back, but Donatello actually managed to build dozens of bodies in his lifetime. Amazing!

    2. The Ancient Egyptians


    The Egyptians built the body of the sphinx while eating bread, vegetables, and fried fish. They hardly had time to watch their weight while carving limestone out of the Giza Plateau!

    3. Henry Bacon

    Lincoln Memorial

    Look no further for body building inspiration than Henry Bacon, the architect of Lincoln Memorial. He built this body and the massive Greek Doric temple around it, but his friends swore he ate pizza every day!

    4. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi


    This French sculptor built the body of the Statue of Liberty in the 1880s while indulging in his country’s rich cuisine. The fact that he still managed to complete the 305-foot steel and copper structure is awe-inspiring!

    5. Your 4-year-old cousin, Matt

    Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.59.34 AM

    Matt built the body of a dinosaur just yesterday in Mrs. Robin’s preschool class. You’ve seen how much Kraft Mac and Cheese the kid eats! Matt is truly a body-building star.


    -AR ’18



    Karen, It’s Time To Cool It With The Mason Jars

    June 3rd, 2016
     Karen I know you’ve caught the “craft bug” ever since Todd left, but you have to stop inundating me with mason jar crafts.  My house is rife with mason jar twinkle-lights, mason jar soap dispensers and at least a baker’s dozen of mason jar snowglobes.  Karen, it’s July.  I’ve tried to let you down nicely.  I’ve insisted that I feel uncomfortable accepting presents from my dental hygienist but you think I’m just being polite.  That’s because when you asked me whether you should convert Todd’s old office into a craft room or a yoga studio, you thought I said “craft room”.  But really what I said was, “I can’t articulate my thoughts because your sad, middle-aged hands are taking up all of the space in my mouth”.  It’s really affecting your job performance.  You were supposed to send me my x-rays because I have a shadow on my second lateral incisor, but instead you just sent me a mason jar dollhouse.  You know I can’t let Brynleigh play with that.  For Christ’s sake Karen, she’s a hemophiliac.  What are you doing? Please put that instrument down.  We went over this already, I don’t care if those glass shards came from a mason jar. I want you to use the periodontal probe that is approved by the American Dental Association.  I don’t know what I can do to get you to stop.  I tried to be direct.  When I mustered up the strength to tell you to “stop making me mason jar crafts,” you just looked at me blankly and said, “it’s so lonely not having Jayden on Wednesdays and every other weekend”.  Maybe Jayden would have chosen to spend Passover at your house if you hadn’t replaced his X-box with a mason jar replica. I don’t know if I can handle this kind of baggage every time I come in for a cleaning. The people at Appleton Orthodontics don’t.. wait..Karen stop crying.  I’m sorry!  You’re right, Todd’s new girlfriend is totally tacky.  And yeah, I mean I guess I could use a couple mason jar baby rattles.  And you’re right, I should be flossing more. Of course I’ll take a look-see at your JDate profile! I agree-linking it to your Pinterest would make you seem more dynamic.  Remember, the darkest hour comes before the dawn. Ok, I’ll see you at bookclub. 
    -EB ’19


    Ted Cruz suspends campaign, descends to underworld

    May 3rd, 2016

    Following a crushing loss in Indiana, Senator Ted Cruz announced today that he will be suspending his campaign and returning to his home in the darkest corner of the underworld.

    The junior Senator and spawn of Satan made the announcement in Bloomington, Indiana tonight, just after Donald J. Trump won the pivotal Hoosier State primary. Following his statement, Cruz opened a portal into Hell and descended into its fiery depths.

    Speech attendants said they were surprised by Cruz’s decision to suspend his campaign, if not by the realization that the former Texas Solicitor General was actually a creature of the underworld.

    “Right after Cruz said he was planning to take a break from the campaign, a giant fiery pit opened up in front of the stage,” Bloomington resident Matt Davidson said. “His body began to transform into some kind of monster—it definitely wasn’t human.”

    Davidson added that this did not come as a shock, as he sometimes doubted that Cruz was human to begin with.


    “There was always something a little off with Cruz. His face always looked like it didn’t fit right,” Davidson said. “So when his skin started to melt off as he enveloped himself in the swirling darkness of a hell pit, I kind of took it in stride.”


    Mary Ellison, another witness, says that Cruz’s descent to the underworld began with him uttering what sounded like a cross between a Latin chant and a policy speech. Phrases such as “family values,” “illegal aliens,” and “death to John Boehner” were peppered in amid ancient Satanic orations.


    “It was way more interesting than the rest of his speech,” Ellison said. “And it really got exciting when shadowy, faceless figures began rising from the ground. They surrounded Cruz and pulled him into the pit. There was fire everywhere, and also blood.”


    Just a few minutes after Cruz descended to the House of Hades, the lava-filled abyss closed. All that was left was Cruz’s discarded suit, the overpowering smell of sulfur, and several dead goats.


    Carly Fiorina, who Cruz recently named as his running mate, also descended to the deepest level of the Inferno. The former GOP candidates said they plan to rule the underworld together, now that they are unbound from the constraints of the human form.

    As of press time, Cruz and Fiorina were trapped in Purgatory after the gatekeepers to Hell said they did not want the two politicians there.

    -LT ’19


    Donald Trump rates Netflix Originals

    April 26th, 2016

    Orange is the New Black

    This show would be much better if it only had the blonde one and the one who wears glasses but still looks hot. I don’t want to to watch the “crazy eyes” one and the fat ones. Oh, and Ruby Rose can stay, too.


    House of Cards

    This is a huge show—huge! Very popular. Frank Underwood is a great man. When I’m president, I’ll make our country great again, just like Frank Underwood does. Except that I’ll do it in a Republican way. I’m also a big fan of how Frank treats the media. Journalists are incompetent scum. Hey, incompetent journalists—better stay away from the subway stop near Trump Towers!


    Grace & Frankie

    Melania saw this show, and she told me that it is about “strong female characters.” So I didn’t watch it.



    Narcos is definitely a Mexican word. These Mexican words are too confusing. Sad! When I build the wall, I’ll stop the Mexican words from invading our vocabulary.

    Also, I call all of the gardeners at Mar-Al-Lago “narcos.” The gardeners love me.


    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt

    This girl went to New York City but never stayed in my hotel. Big mistake!


    Master of None

    Hey Jeb, this show is about you. Get it? Because you’re incompetent!


    VeggieTales in the House

    Wow! This is a quality show. Talking vegetables? Hilarious. Five stars. And the characters? Amazing. So complex. Bob the Tomato is an intelligent and powerful man, like me, and Laura the Carrot is very attractive, like Ivanka. Shows like “VeggieTales in the House” are what make America great. Tremendous show. Wow.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to watch the next episode of “VeggieTales in the House.” In this episode, Bob the Tomato marries Laura the Carrot. Very exciting!


    -LT ’19


    Air Bud Diagnosed With CTE

    April 26th, 2016

    The legal owners of beloved sports icon Buddy, known for his eponymous Air Bud documentaries, have released a statement that says the dog was found to have signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, (better known as CTE,) a form of neurodegenerative disease caused by prolonged periods of mild head trauma. Though the diagnosis may not come as a surprise, it certainly won’t come as a comfort to Buddy’s fans still reeling from his untimely death a couple of months ago. Though the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University have identified the presence of the disease in 98% of the ex-NFL players’ brains and in 79% of all football players brains they’ve examined, this is the first instance the disease has been diagnosed in a football-playing golden retriever.

    Air Bud’s legal owners, the Framm family, said in a statement, “At first we thought the aggressive behavior, impulse control problems, and desire to run into traffic was part of being a dog. Who could have guessed his manic, homicidal, and suicidal tendencies, in addition to his grisly death, was fueled by a brain disease induced by his long-term involvement in football.”

    Josh Framm, Air Bud’s teammate, best friend, and owner added, “The only silver lining is that everyone did what they could, and there was no commissioner of a national league of football teams who repeatedly denied the link between CTE and repetitive head trauma. If this link was more public knowledge, there’s no way in H E double hockey sticks that my parents would let me, let alone my dog play youth football.”

    Since the disease is induced by multiple instances of mild head trauma rather than concussions, it’s difficult to determine when exactly CTE took ahold of Air Bud’s brain, especially since the disease can’t be diagnosed until after the player has died. At 10 years old, the diagnosis makes Air Bud the youngest reported case of CTE. Previously the youngest reported case was a human 17 year old (126 in dog years).

    In the wake of the Framm’s announcement Air Bud’s 8 children known as the the Air Buddies, also released a statement. “Our father was a role model for dogs and humans alike. He was going up against guys literally 4 times his size, all while trying to avoid two Russian stereotypes who were constantly trying to kidnap him into their circus. The example he set encouraged kids to start playing youth football, terriers to professional wrestling, and monkeys to try hockey. I’m sure one day one of those kids will end up like he did. By end up like, we of course mean end up successful, not end up dying a slow, demented death. We hope that by donating his brain to the NFL for research, they will be able to offer immediate solutions with the kind of transparency and genuine concern for players and their families that the league is known for.”


    -WP ’16


    Housing Communities Accidentally Sort Students by Race

    March 16th, 2016

    Following the announcement of next year’s housing community placements, both students and faculty were surprised to discover that the clusters were almost entirely sorted by skin color.

    At eight o’clock on Friday, bright-eyed freshman arrived at Founder’s Day in socioculturally-diverse schmobs. Two hours later, they left the library decked in house t-shirts and mired in the reality of racial segregation.

    “When I chose my housing group last fall, I picked my friends Maria, Jamal, and Siddharth,” freshman Tucker McDonald said. “But for some reason, Maria is in North House, Jamal ended up in Allen House, and I’m in one called Non-Hispanic White House.”

    McDonald then said that, though he was disappointed to be living away from his friends next year, he was glad that his house had the newest, nicest rooms.

    Guadalupe Chan, a mixed-race student, said that she was not sorted into any house at all, and instead was told that she could create her own LLC.

    The administration could not explain why the housing clusters were segregated, though school spokesperson Stacey Ferguson said that it wouldn’t matter, as the quality of the houses was “separate but equal.”

    Some speculate that the segregation may have resulted from a sorting questionnaire sent out to students, which asked questions such as, “Do you play squash?” “If you were caught with marijuana, would you go to jail?” and “What was your SAT score?”

    Already, signs of segregation are appearing on campus. Students wear their house colors with pride, though the administration has expressed regret for their decision to distribute different-colored bandanas as “house swag.”

    Administrators have banned students from wearing red, the Allen House color, as this cluster began a turf war and gave its members teardrop tattoos. Allen House is currently rumored to be planning a “rumble” with School House.

    On the bright side, however, students have already become active in planning activities within their houses. West House recently had a bake sale, North House held a concert, and the Non-Hispanic White House plans to host a GOP presidential debate next week.

    -LT ’19


    Movies Not To Watch With Your Parents This Spring Break

    March 3rd, 2016

    As spring break gets closer and closer, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be doing other than catching up on sleep. Sure, there are tons of lists about movies you SHOULD see, but maybe avoid these few if you’ll be spending time with your family.

    1. Xenophobe, Warrior Princess

    xenophobe2. The Land Before Gentrification

    landbefore gentrification 3. 12 Justifiably Upset Black Women

    4. Spring Breakers


     KS ’16 


    Introducing the New IT System to the Company

    February 24th, 2016

    Hi Enerva employees, today we begin the update of our IT system that system will help to move our company fully into the cloud while expanding our investment opportunities worldwide. We hope this IT system will move us fully into the 21st century. A 21st century of exciting opportunities. Like rapid advances in artificial intelligence. Machines that can do complex tasks for themselves. Maybe, oh god, machines that can replace us. Maybe they’ll be machines that want to destroy us! But, until then, and for the next month, I’m afraid you’ll need a USB connection to the printer for it to work.

    After this obstacle is overcome, we will be closer to living in a new world with improved videoconferencing capabilities. But it will also be a world of terror, when heartless bionic supermen hunt the weak remainder of the human race.

    In this time, much will be demanded of you, employees, your own blood, your enemies blood, your children’s blood, and everyone will have to change their passwords. Everyone.

    But once that blood flows in the streets and our accounting team can share documents remotely, we shall have victory.

    For, in this state of anarchy, who else will provide stable, affordable online storage. Who? When the Chinese seize The White House and overthrow this decadent American regime, it sure won’t be your precious President, that’s for sure.

    You know what, this IT system isn’t just going to take us into the 21st century, this is the 21st century. When the imperfections of humanity are washed away only the purity of an intuitive IT system with a better email interface can replace it. But that means we’re all switching to Firefox people.

    Fuck it, this IT system is not just the 21st century, this IT system will be the 22nd century, the 23rd century, it will be all of eternity, it will be move through the fabric of the universe like some celestial being that spans a dozen dimensions.

    We will overcome death and time. We are become Gods.

    Also, make sure you have the newest java. Its 5.39, not 5.38.


    The Enerva Leadership Team


    -CB ’19


    You Said You Were Uncomfortable with Affection, but You Were Really Just Uncomfortable with Me

    February 24th, 2016

    Sometimes the memories of our time together pop back into my head. I loved our date at the minigolf course, where you give me a surprise kiss after you shot a hole in one over the tiny river and through the windmill. But when we saw a friend from school walking our direction, you quickly pulled your hand away.

    At the time you said you didn’t like public displays of affection, but now I know you just didn’t want to be seen holding the hand of a 206 year old man.

    Oh well.

    For a long time I rationalized. “Maybe she’s just

    tired of hearing about the war effort” I said. But then I learned about self-blame. I realized I deserve love even if I’m 6’4”, and my physical appearance diminished dramatically during my five years as president. You didn’t have to laugh at me when I told you I wanted to see my wife and kids again. I know Mary Todd, Robert, Tad, and Willy died a long time ago, but I came back from the dead, why not them?


    You were always less comfortable than me in bed.

    When I unclipped your bra, you didn’t think it was funny to call me the “Great Emancipator.” You seemed a little taken aback when I first told you my cock was fourscore and seven centimeters long. I guess that’s okay. Freeing the slaves wasn’t as hard as freeing you from your insecurities.

    That’s behind us now.

    But just once I wanted to feel like you were proud

    of me, like I wasn’t some shame you kept hidden. When I lay by your side in your bed, your parents gone for the weekend, and the long hairs of my beard would brush up against your inner thigh as my mouth began a trail of kisses leading my tongue on it’s March to the Sea, I know that shudder of pleasure that coursed through your body was real. When you gave me a shy smile and my hand towards the zipper of your pants, I knew this Anaconda plan was going to make you scream louder than the citizens of a burning Atlanta.

    I felt special. Not a lot of people make you happy, but for that one year, I felt like I was doing something right, just to hear you scream “FUCK ME UNDEAD ABRAHAM LINCOLN” once and for all.

    I know we weren’t right for each other. I’m never going to change. But I miss you.


    -AP ’19