The World Is Our Coke Den


Grab my hand, friend o’ mine

There’s a whole world to see.

Grab the coke by the fridge

We’ll snort it all, you and me.


We’ll snort coke in the valleys,

Snort coke in the trees.

We’ll snort all the Great Wall

On our hands and our knees.


We’ll do coke everywhere

No matter the hurtle,

And feed coke-frosted cakes

To Galapagos turtles.


From the high Himalayas

To the Chicxulub Crater,

All the coke we ingest

Will span the equator.


Through rivers that rush

And snowstorms that snow,

We will rail, rail we will,

Holy fuck-tons of blow.


They say journeys begin

With just one single line.

At least I think they say that,

I’m coked up out of my mind.


What’s that you now say

With such hope in your eyes?

We can snort here in this room?

Oh, that makes a lot more sense.

-MG ’14