8 Things You’d Be Surprised You Can Find In A Library

Most folks these days think they can get all they need at the touch of a button, but these eight things would convince any Google gaga there’s nothing like stepping foot inside a real brick-and-mortar library.

Vintage Clothing

Racks of pea coats, quirky dresses, and old-school accessories let you capture that throwback library vibe.

Fully Equipped Gym

Treadmills, machines, free weights, and an Olympic-sized pool. It’s all there in your library.


Legal Weed

Just ask your librarian for some of that “Jimmy Joyce” or “Charles Stickens” to get your hands on some dankass library-grade ish.


The Bones of Johannes Gutenberg

Every library, wherever you go, lets you take out the complete skeleton of printmaker Johannes Gutenberg.



Snuggle up with some library bunnies in this fully heated, anything-goes artificial cave pool.


Child Lost & Found

Most missing children end up in this bin behind the library counter, where parents and authorities rarely think to check.



Set in the vacated wall of the video cassette section, the library’s interdimensional portal will transport you to a sister library in an unknown solar system. In case you can’t find the ͘͜ ҉҉̷^҉̷̧̕͜͝͞͡͡ you’re looking for.


Best Buy

Pick up your next smartphone, laptop, or e-reader at your local library.

-MG ’14