Hey Guys, I Think I’m Going to Join a Business Plan Contest!

  1. DisAppointment: A digital calendar that randomly mixes up your appointments, so you’re always in the wrong place and your loved ones and coworkers are constantly saddened
  2. The Death Wristwatch: A digital watch whose screen occasionally blanks out and then flashes to a message reminding you that death is inevitable and final. In this mode, the wristband tightens around your wrist as if gripping it in terror. Built-in speakers emit a hollow keening sound
  3. SandyGram: The front door of your residence is constantly covered in truckfulls of sand. You subscribe by clicking a link in a malicious email, and you must pay to unsubscribe
  4. perspecti.ve: Cloud-based mobile technology platform for delivering dynamic user-generated content calling into question whether young entrepreneurs’ ventures could ever make them or anyone else truly happy
  5. The Store that Sells Posters of People Grimacing