American Bus Museum

Planning a family vacation soon? Why not head to West Orange, NJ to visit the famed American Bus Museum? Come reacquaint yourself with history via one of our many thrilling exhibits!

The Last In-Service Segregated Bus in America

Step back, Rosa Parks! The civil rights movement is still alive and well here in West Orange with our prized, fully functional, segregated  Greyhound.  The upholstery may be new but the ingrained cultural racism is timeless!

The World’s Only Quadruple Decker Bus

That’s right, we managed to get our hands on the world’s only quadruple decker bus, and it’s in pristine condition! And by that I mean we technically “own” it and have plenty of great pictures of it. The bus itself is still stuck in a low-ceiling factory in England, but the experience is in full force here in New Jersey! Come see pictures of the bus that started it all!

The Bus From Speed

Driving around our parking lot at a consistent 55 miles per hour! Come experience the excitement of a Hollywood blockbuster with a 24/7 real-life Keanu Reeves look-alike.  We’ve even got real C4 plastic explosives strapped to the bottom! Don’t drive under the limit!

The World’s Highest Capacity Bus

It’s technically a normal sized bus – but don’t tell that to the 167 inhabitants stuck inside! Hang off the sides or try to squeeze in! Come see what it means to be part of a community, or technically a symbiotic self-sustaining part-bus organism! Rumor has it that there’s five goats somewhere in there!

The First and Only “Diego’s Royalty Transit” Liner

An 18-wheeler full of lawn chairs! Free pizza on Tuesdays!