My Advertising Campaign

Dear Six Flags Advertising Executives,

You are likely already familiar with my work from prior portfolio submissions (I hope they weren’t lost in the mail) so I won’t waste time on pleasantries. Attached, you will see what I believe is unequivocally the next generation of Six Flags branding schemes. It evokes everything the public has come to expect from your cutting-edge amusement parks: Expertly crafted thrills, stomach-churning drops, a  weekend getaway. It’s the sort of risk-taking almost engrained in the American character. But here you might see I’ve infused another sort of  shock: Fine male sperm. Jizzum. To be blunt: Cum. I believe I’ve made my case.

- M. Gillis

Dear Taco Bell Advertising Executives,

Enclosed, please find my vision for the future of the Taco Bell image. I believe this one speaks for itself, but note how I combine the established zesty and exotic appeal of the brand with a vague and arousing hint of male ejaculate.

- M. Gillis

Dear Siemens Advertising Executives,

As you’ll see here, I’ve attempted to emphasize the—Well, well, well… It looks like you gentlemen already have yourselves covered with this one (ha ha). Seriously, though, get in touch with me if you need any further advice or help.

- M. Gillis