Names For Our Band

A Band

-Shows our reverence for the far superior The Band, who had every right to consider themselves the only musical collective.
-Self-referential. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s totally “meta,” but yeah, it’s pretty “meta.” Like Inception.

-People might think we’re just a The Band cover band. Come to think of it, not a bad idea.
-Not enough like Inception.

A Band Within A Band

-Not as bland as “A Band”
-Not just self-referential, but referential to Inception. So it’s like referencing two things at once. Like Inception.

-Having different levels of band would make band dynamics pretty complicated.
-People would just think we’re covering a The Band cover band.

Hans & The Zimmermans

-Bob Dylan’s real last name was Zimmerman, so it’s like we’re Bob Dylan’s backing band. Like The Band.
-There’s more than one thing in the name. Like Inception.

-Hans is a pretty uncommon name, and I was planning on fronting this band. Unless we can get the real Hans Zimmer to front our band. Then I’m cool with it.
-People would just expect us to Édith Piaf really really slow.

Levonardo & The DiCaprios

-Named after Levon Helm (drummer for The Band) and the star of Inception (who frequently collaborates with Martin Scorsese (director of The Band’s concert film “The Last Waltz”)), this title combines all our greatest influences into one catchy title.
-My name is actually Levonardo.

-The con we’ll pull when we implant ourselves into the hearts and minds of countless fans with our dream-penetrating roots rock.