Wilderness DMT Training

Our longest and most demanding wilderness SPIRIT MEDICINE training…wait, it’s only been a half hour? Well damn. DID YOU KNOW YOU RELEASE DMT WHEN YOU DREAM? YOU DO.

This INTENSIVE course will INTEGRATE your experience in the urban industry jungle of western medicine with the HEALING power of nature and a chemical found IN YOUR OWN BODY, just in quantities you can’t imagine. OR CAN YOU?

We shall take you into the woods for a lunar, celestial “month” where you shall learn the ways of the shaman. The shaman INSIDE YOUR BRAIN-SPIRIT. DID YOU KNOW YOU RELEASE DMT WHEN YOU DIE? YOU DO.

After 4 lunar celestial “WEEKS” of the DMT journey, you shall…find my pants. No really, I’m cold now. Guys, where are they? Did we come here with pants? Oh there they are. Wait, now they’re flowers. But now they’re pants! DID YOU KNOW YOU RELEASE DMT WHEN YOU EAT RAW FOOD? YOU


There are no prerequisites to LIFE, so there are no prerequisites to

the natural spirit-chemical. Come as you leaves…everywhere man, just