What Your Names For Your Grandparents Say About You

Answers to the question “What do you call your grandparents?”

Nana and Papa – You like things straightforward.

Nonna and Nonno – You are Italian.

Nannelli etti Peppacine – You think you are Italian.

Naan and Popover – You have a cartoonish preoccupation with food.

The ones who give me candy – You lie on surveys because you think you are funny.

917-643-2720 – You read the question wrong.

Whatever their first names are – You’re family isn’t really a hugging family.

Grandma and Grandpa – This must be the “less cool” set of grandparents.

Granny and Grampy – You still have a pen pal.

Glammy and Grandude – You keep your grandparents up to date on your love life.

Grammophone and Gramplifier – You don’t exist, but the rest of you wish you said that.

Grand-ma-ma and Grand-pa-pa – You find it plausible that Santa Claus fits through your chimney and that poor people receive fewer presents because they are more naughty.

Avus et Avia – Your best friend is a dictionary.

NOONOO and POOPOO – You have a small object lodged in your esophagus.

Bubbe and Zayde – This says nothing in particular about you. Nothing at all.

Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Batman! – Talking to people in person is strange and difficult for you.

NOONOOPOOFFHHHLLLL *cough* *cough* – You have a large object lodged in your esophagus.