Keggy’s Blog, 10/11

Hello loyal Keggy supporters,

A fan-made campaign sign for Keggy!

We are pleased to say that Keggy, in a fit of political rage, decided to announce his candidacy for President. We’re not exactly sure if that meant “President of Dartmouth,” “Official Dartmouth Mascot,” or “President of the United States.” In fact, we’re not sure if Keggy k

new exactly what he was doing himself.

Nevertheless, Keggy arrived at the 2012 Republican Presidential Debate at Dartmouth to avid support! Numerous cheers included: “FOUR MORE BEERS!” “BEER PARTY 2012!” “SAVE THE ALES!” and “KEGS, NOT CANS!”

Keggy for "President"!

Keggy regretfully was unable to secure a seat at the Presidential debate (that’s okay, since he can’t exactly talk), nor did he get an interview with CNN (okay for the same reason), nor did he shake hands with Michele Bachmann (too bad for her). But keep your eyes pealed for Keggy on television!

Yours politically,
Jack O’