New Campus Slang

  • swipe
    1. to swipe your ID card at FoCo; FoCo
    2. to steal food from FoCo
    3. short for asswipe
    a. Hungry freshman: “Let’s go swipe.”

    b. Kleptomaniac freshman: “Let’s go swipe”

    c. Angry freshman waiting in line: “Let’s go, ‘swipe!”
  • Cheegypt
    1. the grill section in the Swipe that forces its workers to construct large pyramids of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and grilled cheeses every day
  • the Red Sea
    1. the narrow walkway in between the Kosher and Halal food at the Pavilion and the pyramids of Cheegypt
  • broan
    1. the mysterious noise made by frat brothers that bears little semantic value aside from the periodic emission of testosterone
    Bro #1: “Hey dude, wanna go to the Red Sea in the Swipe and swipe one of the pyramids of Cheegypt?”

    Bro #2: *broan*

    Bro #1: *broan*
  • 15-love
    1. a single ’15
  • 15-all
    1. a ’15 couple
  • 15-30
    1. a threesome of ’15s
  • deuce
    1. an orgy of ’15s
    Sexiled roommate #1: “What’s the score in there?”

    Sexiled roommate #2: “Deuce.”

    Sexiled roommated #1: “Wow, good job Ty!”
  • lexiled
    1. being forced to stay out of your room because your roommate is studying, and all you do is broan and play loud dubstep
    Lexiled roommate #1: “Dude, that nerd in there is lexiling me.”

    Bro #2: “What a ‘swipe.”
  • Pillar of Salted
    1. that thing that happens when you see somebody so attractive that it shuts off your brain, and you are completely unable to move
    2. to be turned into a statue by means of black magic
    a. Bro #1: “Whoa, check it out, Steve just got Pillar of Salted by that girl!”

    Bro #2: “Let’s swipe his wallet.”

    Bro #1: *broan*
  • the Mass Row Challenge
    1. a game in which two people lock eyes from all the way across Mass Row from each other. The goal is to keep staring until you pass each other. If you succeed, you may never look at that person ever again. But, to be fair, you won’t want to
  • Robertfrosted
    1. to be led to the Robert Frost statue and disciplined under unclear circumstances. Worse than being Parkhursted, a fate reserved for the most heinous student offenders
    Bro #1: “Dude, Ryan just got Robertfrosted.”
    Bro #2: “Oh shit, what did he do?”
    Bro #1: “He swiped an S&S car and did donuts in President Kim’s driveway.”
    Bro #2: “What happened to him?”
    Bro #1: “He got Pillar of Salted (def. 2).”
    Bro #2: “Broment of silence, bro, broment of silence.”
    Bro #1: *broan*