This Week at FoCo!

Monday: in honor of Green Key Weekend, we present a retro dish our alums are sure to enjoy: leftover chicken from 1976! Topped with tons of (maybe) fresh  gravy!

***Have extra DBA? Don’t worry, it’ll soon be gone — Greek yoghurt now costs $27 a piece!***

Tuesday: Sandwich Special: The All-Black! — We took every black food we could find, olives, mushroom gills, black mayonnaise, licorice, and burnt toast! It’s blackalicious, baby!

***Special announcement: Next year, DDS will be implementing a new meal plan: students will receive a number of meals per day equal to the number of varsity sports they play! Don’t play varsity sports? Well then, it’s table scraps for you slackers! But it still costs $5,000!!***

Wednesday: Beef Moldova — “An old traditional European dish,” says Chef Danny. Though, we’re not sure — it looks an awful lot like General Tso’s Chicken covered with gravy!

Thursday — Trying to boycott FoCo today? Surprise, we’re closed anyway in honor of “World Hepatitis Day!”

Friday — Closed today due to scheduled kitchen malfunctions.