The Situation in the Situation Room

1. Check out Obama’s game face. This shit is on

2. Hands in lap: respectful sitting position or predator drones are actually controlled via Xbox controller and it’s the President’s turn to play. In the Situation Room, it’s always the President’s turn.

3. Biden didn’t get to enjoy the moment due to horrible indigestion. Apparently no one brings Tums to the situation room.

4. Look at the smirk on General Guy’s face. Now look at his hands. Obviously tweeting in the meeting.

“Hey Osama: 8==========D~~~~ #suckit 7:58 PM

N E 1 got some Tums? Bring to SR ASAP 8:05 PM

Got him!!! ^_______________^ 8:09 PM”

5. Smirking because he just showed Hilary General Guy’s tweet from 7:58

6. Hillary’s response to said tweet.

7. Welcome to celebrity night in the situation room: John Lithgow maintaining decorum.

8. That dude that played Charles Widmore on Lost aping Obama’s game face.

9. Sweet Jesus, why would you ever invite an insane Ray Romano to the situation room? Why?

10. Salman Rushdie, presumably present for his expertise on Islamic Extremism.

11 and 12. These guys can’t see shit. Why would you not wear your glasses to the Situation Room, seriously?

13. “Excuse me? Hey. I can’t see. Would you mind… Hey. ‘scuse me. Wait, are you Ray Romano?”