Sherlock Brolmes, Frat Detective: Part IV

I pursued the gentleman with considerable haste. He was wearing a dark hoodie and was carrying a large square object wrapped in a black North Face jacket. Suspicious indeed. I tried my best to pretend to walk in the direction of Collis Late Night, but he called my bluff and broke out into a sprint. I soon followed suit.

In full chase, he darted across the Main Street intersection and into the Hanover Inn. Doing my best not to disturb the elderly alums sleeping in the lobby, I followed him down the staircase into the mysterious passageway that leads into the Hop. At a full sprint, I started gaining ground on him, but he knew this irregular route — exactly which door was a push and which was a pull — all too well. This guy was good.

As we entered the Hop, he opened his Hinman box in a flash, took out a pile of Aquinas House pamphlets and threw them at my feet. I slipped on them like a pile of banana peels. Curses. He then scampered up the hallway, making sure to touch Warner Bentley’s nose. For a brief moment, we both gawked at the perplexing artwork in the Rotunda, but then, he ran up the stairs leading into Wilson Hall, and I lost him. What type of person uses these hallways, I wondered. Who could this be? Why was he taking a fraternity composite to this part of campus??