Some Movie Drinking Games That Will Fuck You Up

2001: A Space Odyssey

Drink for all the title cards
Drink for classical music
The final 20 minutes: smoke weed until it makes sense

Any James Bond Movie
Drink what Bond drinks every time he drinks (only for the very wealthy)
Do not, however, under any circumstances drive whenever Bond drives
Or discharge a firearm


Drink every time they show the shark
Scratch that; drink every time they don’t see the shark

See Jaws. Replace “shark” with “alien”

Rocky Horror Picture Show
drink every time you recognize a prop from an old Christopher Lee movie
drink every time your asshole friend won’t stop doing the callbacks in your living room.
Drink every time you question your sexuality

Any adaptation of a book
Drink every time you’re upset the movie is different from the book. If you stop caring, stop drinking– you did it!

Star Wars (the original trilogy)
Drink every time there’s an element from The Hero With a Thousand Faces

Star Wars (the prequels)
Drink every time you wish you were watching a different movie
Drink for every scene with Anakin…but I repeat myself.

Drink when there’s boobs. In fact make it two drinks. One per boob.

Drink whenever you are not entertained.

Drink when you need an excuse to look away from the screen.

Any Quentin Tarantino Movie
Drink every time that there’s an audio or visual reference to another movie. If you’re not sure and you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your film major friends, just keep drinking.

Any Movie you’re watching with a Film Major
Drink for a baby carriage on a staircase
Drink for a zoom where the subject stays the same size but the background gets smaller or larger
Drink every time someone wearing glasses gets shot in the face
Drink when a hero returns to a destroyed family farm

Drink when there’s boobs. In fact make it two drinks. One per boob.
Drink whenever the movie’s too long. Whoa. It’s already over? And I’m outside? And naked?