Choose Your Own Redwall Adventure: A Book By Brian Jacques

For each of the sections below, choose one option. Combine to create the ULTIMATE REDWALL ADVENTURE!

Long ago, when the woods of Mossflower were young, a small

  1. Mousemaid
  2. Lusty young mouse-man
  3. Youthful squirrel of either sex
…was growing up in Redwall abbey. This was back when the Abbot of Redwall was named

  1. Reginald
  2. Tiberius

. He was a very good abbot, and everyone thought he was just swell. However, one day, news of the evil Snarlbutt came across the land. He was a wicked

  1. Rat
  2. Ferret
  3. Weasel
  4. “Stoat”
  5. Fox
  6. Predatory cat of some kind

…was laying waste to Mossflower woods. “This is very bad,” said the abbot we mentioned earlier.  “But whenever an evil predatory animal comes to Mossflower, the people of Redwall always stop being religious figures and start being WARRIORS!” “Well,” the protagonist said, “This sounds….

  1. “Like a job for me!”
  2. “Like a job for Martin the Warrior!”
  3. “Like a quest that will involve puzzles!”
  4. “An awful lot like other Redwall stories!”
Immediately, this protagonist left on a quest. He/she sought out Snarlbutt’s followers. Snarlbutt was known throughout the land for his

  1. Slave-kidnapping evilness
  2. Abbey-besieging evilness
  3. Other kind of unspecified evilness

! Meanwhile, however, back in Redwall, a riddlesome situation was taking place! The protagonist’s good friend, who was probably a mouse or something, was trying to solve a riddle left behind by

  1. Martin the Warrior
  2. Martin the Warrior
  3. Luke the Warrior

The clues were hidden in

  1. An architectural feature.
  2. A hidden passageway.
  3. A tapestry of some kind.
  4. Maybe a book.
  5. A child’s rhyme that they suddenly discover is actually a puzzle.

This puzzle was pretty hard, and took exactly as long to solve as the protagonist’s quest! Eventually, however, the reader’s attention returned to the protagonist, who was busy

  1. Raising an army of noble herbivores and pescitarians
  2. Training for combat at “Salamandastron”
  3. Lost in the woods.
  4. Solving a different, unrelated word puzzle.

Eventually, however, they were ready to fight Snarlbutt! They did this at

  1. Some faraway castle of some kind
  2. Redwall itself!!
  3. “Salamandastron”
  4. An interesting geographical feature, which may include but is not limited to mountains, caves, underground rivers, oceans, rocky outcrops, and/or a pirate ship.

The battle was long and hard, but the hero eventually won, despite

  1. Losing his or her best friend in battle.
  2. Losing his or her Yoda-like instructor in battle, who was probably a hare.
  3. Losing his or her family in battle.
  4. Losing his or her Yoda-like instructor, who was probably a hare, but suddenly discovering that they survived anyway.

When he or she returned to Redwall, they discovered that the Abbot’s life was somehow in danger, for some reason! As his final act, the Abbot

  1. Gave an ancient relic to the hero.
  2. Blessed the hero and his or her significant other.
  3. Died.
  4. Made the hero’s best friend into the Abbot, because apparently there is no screening process for Abbotry.

But whatever! Then it was time for a feast. The most interesting food at the feast was

  1. Deeper ‘n’ Ever Turnip ‘n’ Tater ‘n’ Beetroot Pie
  2. Some kind of “cordial”
  3. Some kind of creampuff
  4. A giant cheesewheel
  5. A “candied” nut

And everyone was finally happy. Hooray!

Upon finishing this book, the reader then

  1. Is filled with the happy glow of nostalgia
  2. Is hungry
  3. Is frustrated by its similarity to other Redwall books
  4. Is inspired to write “talking animal fiction” of his or her own