by Owen Parsons '08

Divination for the modern collegiate.



by Kobi Tirey '11 and Anne Brown '11

The genesis and upbringing of everyone's favorite mascot, and his climb to the top of America's elite combat ranks.



by Maura Pennington '08

You'll never guess what fun my mother and I had today! It makes me wish everybody had a mother!



by Chris Hutson

Lest I not get the chance before I expire, allow me to burden my survivors now with these petty requests.


by Dylan Kane '09

The Jacko takes a look at some of the negative advertisements run by third parties as their futile quests for success in the midterm elections draw to a close.


by Bacchus

Sent in by a student who wished to remain anonymous: A mature, reasoned take on leadership at the College. With farting!


by Dylan Kane '09

The girl with a good heart, a good head on her shoulders, and badly degraded spinal nervous tissue.


A compilation of late-breaking news stories from the ferry disaster in Djibouti.


Jacko technicians analyze a popular waffle slogan using set theory.


by Dylan Kane '09

Before going out to jack that jogger's snazzy iPod, you should make sure you're going to get the most out of the mugging.

by Fred Meyer '08

Where do you fit on the political spectrum? Find out with this fun and easy quiz!


by Matt Gens '06

Ann Landers meets Genghis Khan.


by Sanjay Banerjee '04

The Bard's best tracks through a special limited-time-only offer.


by Nic Duquette '04

What if The Catcher In the Rye's Holden

Caulfield, instead of being a fictional
character, had been an actual person
who happened to work in advertising?


by Cal Newport '04

A guide to parietal lobe incisions for the rest of us!

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