The Jack-O-Lantern showcases some of the newest culinary offerings from our campus's finest eating establishment.



It's not too late to go to Yale. Ever.

6:10, with accompanying pamphlet.



The Red Cross's blood drive at Dartmouth College attracts many generous souls...undead or otherwise. Recorded fall 2007.




Recorded at the Rocky overhang, fall 2006.




Prospie Pamphlet

We distributed "Safety Pamphlets" to the prospies over Dimensions Weekend. Check out the PDF by clicking below. Don't be a geek when you Greek!



Recorded in Novack Café, April 7, 12:00 AM.




Beast #12 appears to have escaped. Recorded in Food Court, April 6, 9:45 PM.



Take The Masculine Mystique, Women & Gender Studies 37! This intriguing course deals with contemporary issues facing men in a highly visual, hands-on format. The course was advertised in Collis from approximately 9:20 AM until 10:00 AM on Wednesday, March 29.



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