If you're reading our links page, then you've probably already read everything else. You poor soul. Here's a list of other things for you to read, if you're still killing time. Whoa, whoa. We meant killing time in a metaphorical sense. Let's just put down the Relativity Revolver, okay, Champ? For crying out loud, I leave you alone for one minute and you'll have parallel universes arranged orthogonally.

Other People's Funny Web Sites
The Best Sites on the Net
  • The Onion – Dark and biting fake news. If you haven't read Our Dumb Century yet, you may be a terrorist and not even know it.
  • Modern Humorist – A brilliant group of people active in almost every humorous medium available, their web site is one of the best on the net.
  • McSweeney's  – Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency. Dave Eggers' baby, all text. Very literary, quirky and obscure.
  • News of the Weird – It's funny because it's true.
  • The Brick Testament – Bible verses coupled with Lego illustrations.
  • Queer Duck – Flash cartoons of varying quality detailing the adventures of a gay duck and his gay animal friends. Offensive in a good way.
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