Keggy is perenially ranked as among Dartmouth's finest anthropomorphic beer kegs. He came to Dartmouth in the fall of 2003, debuting at the Homecoming football game against Columbia University.

Keggy on Pardon the Interruption
WMV file; 65 seconds

Keggy instantly became a national sensation, lauded by ESPN's Pardon the Interruption host Michael Wilbon as "some stupid beer thing," interviewed by Playboy magazine, mentioned in the Washington Times, discussed by Sports Illustrated on Campus, featured on, and written up in several Ivy League newspapers including the Yale Herald, the Daily Pennsylvanian, and, of course, The Dartmouth.

Keggy was ruthlessly kidnapped from his home in the library of Sigma Nu and held hostage for several days (left), suffering one torn off eye and and a badly damaged nose. After a ransom note was sent to Keggy's Jacko creators, Hanover Police began a town-wide manhunt for Keggy's captors. He was eventually rescued (albeit suffering significant injuries), and after extensive physical therapy, he returned to his normal activities of cheering on Dartmouth sports teams.

Keep up with Keggy's exploits at his blog, with exclusive photos and game recaps!

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