This is the web site of the Jack-O-Lantern, the catch-all organization of all comedy at Dartmouth College. Okay, maybe not all comedy. The Jack-O-Lantern is not affiliated with Dartmouth's two improv comedy groups. However, if you're looking for Dartmouth College humor that is not made up on the spot (and who isn't?), then the Jack-O-Lantern is the organization for you. In addition to a somewhat-quarterly magazine including a parody of the D, the Jack-O-Lantern records occassional Jacko TV skits, maintains this (wonderful) web site, publishes weekly articles, cartoons and stories, and pulls off occasional practical jokes. Why, just last week, for a fun prank, we torched the engineering school to the ground.

In addition to unwieldy PDFs of our print edition, this site will feature special feature articles only available online. This allows us to publish articles in formats impossible in the print edition – color-heavy material, animation, interactive elements, and submissions too tastelessly offensive to ask for College funding.

If you have any further questions about this site, please e-mail us, and we will ignore your message.

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