23G Grandparents

33554434 Sir William Trevitt.619

16777217 i. Amy

33554500 Nicholas de Pola.619

16777250 i. William

33554514 William de Torrington.659,700 d. after 1170.

Successor to his uncle Wlliam Fitz Odo as Lord of Great Torrington.

i. Alan659 (-1185)
ii. John659 (-1203)
iii. Matthew659 (-1227)
iv. Emma701
16777257 v. Mabel
vi. Denise659
vii. _____659
viii. Sibyl659

33554520 Sir John de Somery I.666,702,703 d. before 1194.

He m. Hawise de Paynell666,702,704,705,703.

They had one child:
16777260 i. Ralph (-1210)

33554521 Hawise de Paynell.666,702,704,705,703 d. before 1194.

33554522 John Marshall.685

He m. Sibyl Salisbury702.

They had one child:
16777261 i. Margaret (->1243)

33554523 Sibyl Salisbury.702

33554524 William III d'Aubigny Earl of Sussex.660,703 d. on December 24, 1193.

He m. Maud de St. Hilaire206,703,706.

They had one child:
16777262 i. William (-1221)

33554525 Maud de St. Hilaire.206,703,706

33554526 Hugh Kevelioc 3rd Earl of Chester.689,707 b. Kevelioc, Monmouth, England in 1147. d. Leeke, Stafford, England in 1181.

He m. Bertrade de Montfort689,707, in 1169.

They had one child:
16777263 i. Mabel

33554527 Bertrade de Montfort.689,707

33554944 Richard le Orchard.621

16777472 i. Baldwyn

33555974 Roger Powtrell Esq.628 Resided in Hinton St. George, Somerset, England.

John and George Powtrell were owners of Hinton Manor in the reigns of Richard I and John.667

16777987 i. _____

34209792 Ribald Lord of Middleham & Spennithorne.708,709,710,486,711,712,713 b. circa 1050. d. about 1121.487

He received the lands of Middleham and Spennithorne from his brother Count Allen of Richmond in 1086, which were then in waste.

Ribald was called a brother of count Alan (Rufus) in a charter of Alan for the soul of his father count Eudo and others [Early Yoprkshire Charters 4:no.1]. Before the Domesday Survey Alan Rufus granted to Ribald lands in Yorkshire, Norfolk, and possibly elsewhere [EYC 5:297-8]; the caput was Middleham, Richmondshire, Yorkshire. About 1121 Ribald made a gift to St. Mary's, York, for the souls of his brother count Alan and his own wife Beatrice (who may have died before 1112), with the consent of his son and heir Ralph Taillebois [EYC 5:no. 358]. Ralph fitz Ribald had succeeded by 1130 ["Pipe Roll 31 Henry I", 1929, p.27]. A 15th century account states Ribald was a monk at St. Mary's before he died [T.D. Whitaker, "Richmondshire", 1823, 1:331].

He m. Beatrice Taillebois486,711,714,713, before 1093.

They had the following children:
17104896 i. Ralph (ca1080->1168)
ii. Hervey486
iii. Henry486
iv. Rainald486
v. William486

34209793 Beatrice Taillebois.486,711,714,713 d. before 1121.

34209794 Robert de Bruis I of Skelton, Lord of Annadale and Cleveland.486,715,716,717 b. in 1078. d. in 1142.

He was a Norman from Brix, Calvados, arr. Valognes. He was given a large fief in Yorkshire in 1106 by Henry I. He was given the lordship of Annandale by David of Scotland in 1124.

He m. Agnes Paynell716.

They had the following children:
17104897 i. Agatha (-1142)
ii. Adam715,718,717 (-~1143)
iii. Robert715,693 (-1194)
iv. Peter718

34209795 Agnes Paynell.716

34209796 Hervey de Glanville.668,719 b. about 1090. d. after 1150.

He led men from Norfolk and Suffok in a Crusade in 1147 against the Moors in Portugal which culminated in the capture of Lisbon. Probably from Normandy, Glanville, Calvados, arr. Pont-l'Eveque, cant. Dozule.

He m. Mabel _____669,719.

They had the following children:
i. William668 (-<1199)
ii. Hervey668
iii. Roger668 (-~1196)
iv. Gerard668
17104898 v. Ranulf (~1130-1190)
vi. Robert668 (->1208)
vii. Osbert668 (->1194)
viii. John669
ix. Alice669
x. Gutha669

34209797 Mabel _____.669,719

34209798 Theobald de Valeines Lord of Parham.668,669,720,721 d. about 1135.

He held five fees centered at Parham in Suffolk as well as at Hickling.

He m. Helewise _____669.

They had the following children:
17104899 i. Bertha
ii. Maud668
iii. Robert669,722 (-<1178)
iv. Haimo669,722
v. Alexander669
vi. Ralph669,722

34209799 Helewise _____.669

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