22G Grandparents

16777216 Adam de Kary.664,619 b. Castle Cary, Somerset, England about 1170.

The town of Castle Cary has no recorded history prior to the Normans, although a Saxon charter mentioned Cari in 725 AD. 673According to the Somerset Domesday Book, Castle Cary was held before 1066 by the Saxon Alfsi.674 The subsequent Norman holder of Castle Cary was Walter de Douai, son of Urso of Douai near Lille in Normandy. He was at the Battle of Hastings with William the Conqueror. He held 37 manors and extensive lands in Devonshire and a great barony. His chief domain was at Bampton, and from him descended the Barons of Bampton. He was noted as an under-tenant of Roger de Courcelle. 675

In 1086 Douai is mentioned in the Somerset Domesday book as holding Castle Cary which was his richest property in Somerset. Castle Cary or Kari in 1086 was a prosperous manor of 2,400 acres of plowland, of which 960 were held by the lord, 100 acres of meadow and woodland measuring one league by one half. It had three gristmills, 23 villagers, 20 smallholders, 17 plows, six slaves, eight swineherds, 50 swine 16 cattle and 117 sheep.674

It is likely that early fortifications were built either by the Romans, Britons or the Saxons. At the time of the Norman Conquest (1066AD) the population of Cary was about 300 souls. By 1138 AD the Normans had built a castle at the foot of Lodge Hill, giving the town part of its name.676 By 1107, Castle Cary was held by Ralph Lovell whose father was probably Geoffrey de Douai, son of Walter de Douai, Baron Bampton who held Castle Cary at the time of Domesday. He was succeeded in 1121 by his son Baldwin Lovell, was succedded by Ralph II, a rebel against King Stephen. 677 In 1138 King Stephen "beseiged Castle Cary with vigour and determination, and since his engine scattered fire and showers of stones among the beseiged and the pressure went on until their rations ran short, he at last compelled them to surrender." 678 Later in the war in 1147, the king was fortifying Castle Cary and was set upon by the Earl of Glocester who routed him from the place. 679 676 In 1166, Castle Cary was held once again by Henry Lovell, son of Ralph II. 680 Although nearby earthworks can still be seen on the side of Lodge Hill, no trace of the original castle remains. Archealogical examination of the site indicates that the keep was 78 feet square and of early Norman construction. The presence of many burnt stones suggest it was destroyed mainly by fire, probably about 1155.676 It may be that the Horse Pond is part of the ancient moat.

Baron Lovel eventually became a supporter of King Stephen and continued as baron of Castle Cary after the end of the civil war.681 His son Henry Lovel who was tenant in chief at Castle Cary in 1166, married a certain Alice de Cary who may have been a co-heiress of the Bramptons. 682The relation between Allice de Cary and Adam de Cary is not known yet. According to Cary family history, Adam was a lord at Castle Kari in Somersetshire in 1198, forty years after the destruction of the castle fortifications, according to Sir William Pole. It may be that Adam held a portion of Castle Cary as sub-tenant of Ralph Lovel, son of Henry.

Castle Kari was four miles north of Cadbury Castle, the legendary Camelot of the of King Arthur. The town of Castle Cary now lies about 30 miles south of Bristol and springs near the town are the source of the River Cary. 683 A certain Baron Dekari particpated in the Crusades in 1095, but his relation to Adam de Kary is not known.

He m. Amy Trevitt619.

They had one child:
8388608 i. John (~1200-)

16777217 Amy Trevitt.619

16777218 Sir Richard Stapleton.619

See Tuckett's Devonshire Pedigrees604

8388609 i. Elizabeth

16777250 William de Pola.684

8388625 i. Jane
ii. Hawisia619
iii. Matilada619

16777256 Walter de Sully I.659

He m. Mabel de Torrington659.

They had one child:
8388628 i. Raymond (-1242)

16777257 Mabel de Torrington.659

16777260 Ralph de Somery Baron Dudley.685,686  d. in 1210.

He m. Margaret Marshall685.

They had the following children:
8388630 i. Roger (-1273)
ii. Stephen687 (-1247)

16777261 Margaret Marshall.685  d. after 1243.

16777262 William d'Aubigny IV, Earl of Arundel.660,688  d. Cainell, Italy on February 1, 1221.688

He m. Mabel of Chester688,689.

They had the following children:
i. William660 (-1224)
ii. Hugh660 (-1243)
iii. Maud660
iv. Isabel660
8388631 v. Nichola (-<1254)
vi. Cecily690

16777263 Mabel of Chester.688,689

16777472 Baldwyn le Orchard.621

8388736 i. James (->1241)

16777728 Walter de Paulet.691 b. before 1180.

It is not certain that Walter was the father of William. His lands were fined in 1203.

8388864 i. William (<1200-)

16777986 John Giffard Esq.633 Resided in Hinton.

He m. _____ Powtrell628.

They had one child:
8388993 i. Alice

16777987 _____ Powtrell.628

17104896 Ralph Fitz Ribald Lord of Middleham & Spennithorne.608,486,692  b. circa 1080. d. after 1168.

He was also called Ralph Tallebois. He succededed his father to Middleham which was confirmed to him by Count Stephen of Brittainy, his uncle. Agatha inherited the Lordship of Allewic in Hartness.

He m. Agatha de Bruis486,693,694.

They had the following children:
8552448 i. Robert (~1110-1185)
ii. Agnes486
iii. Ribald486
iv. Radulph486

17104897 Agatha de Bruis.486,693,694  d. in 1142.

17104898 Ranulf de Glanville Sheriff of Yorkshire.486,669,668,670  b. Stratford, Suffolk, England about 1130. d. Acre on October 21, 1190. on the Third Crusade.

He was sheriff of Yorkshire from 1163-1170 and sheriff of Lancaster in 1173. On July 13, 1174, he took prisoner the Scottish King, William "the Lion", at Alnwick. He was sheriff of Westmoreland in 1179, Justice of the eyre in 1176, ambassador to Flanders in 1180 and finally Chief Justiciar of England from 1182 to 1189. Upon the succession of Ricard I to the throne, Ranulf lost his public offices. In 1189, he joined the Crusades, despite being an old man, and died at Acre in the struggle for the fortress.

He m. Bertha de Valeines668,669,670.

They had the following children:
i. Maud668,669
ii. Amabilis668,669
8552449 iii. Helewise (-1195)

17104899 Bertha de Valeines.668,669,670

17104900 Hugh Bigod 1st Earl of Norfolk.695,696  b. about 1095.697 d. before March 9, 1177.

He also held ancestral lands at Les Loges and Savenay in Normandy. He participated in a revolt in 1140 against King Stephen, heir of Henry I. He subsequently made peace with Stephen and was made Earl of Norfolk at the end of 1140. He switched alliegiences shortly thereafter and supported the Empress. He was excommunicate twice, once in 1166 by the Pope and again in 1169 by Thomas Becket. After 1173, he joined a conspiracy against Henry II. In 1174 he led an army against the town of Norwich, sacked and burned it and massacred many inhabitants. 698

He m. Juliana de Vere696.697 Marriage was annulled before 1177.697

They had one child:
8552450 i. Roger (~1150-<1221)

17104901 Juliana de Vere.696

Living in 1185697

17104916 Roger de Lascelles.699  b. about 1160. d. about 1219.

Rebelled aginst King John, but returned to allegiance in 1217.

He m. Beatrice _____.

They had the following children:
i. Picot699 (-~1252)
8552458 ii. Robert (-<1245)
iii. Tiffany672
iv. Flandria672
v. Maud672 (-<1245)
vi. Theobald

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