20G Grandparents (Continued)

6029312 John de Kary.619  b. Castle Cary, Somerset, England about 1270.

Administered the estate of William de Cary in 1307.632 He is also called William by Burke. 604

He m. Phillip Archdecon619.

They had the following children:
3014656 i. William (~1300-)
ii. John632,604

6029313 Phillip Archdecon.619

Burke calls her the daughter of John Archdeacon, Kt. 604

6029314 Sir Richard Bozune.619

3014657 i. Margaret

6029316 Guy de Bryan.645,655  d. circa 1307.655

Baron of Chastel Walwyn. Held Slapton Manor, Devon. Sibyl was the heir of Toriton Manor, Nymyd St. George, Kylmeton and Lyw in Devon. He had extensive holdings in Carmarthen - the Barony of Tallauhern; and in Pembroke - Walwain Castle.

In 5 Edward III, he was found to be of unsound mind and the Barony of Chastel Walwain was transferred to his son, Guy, upon his undertaking to provide for his two sisters.649

He m. Sybil de Sully645,655.

They had the following children:
3014658 i. Guy (~1283-1349)
ii. unnamed
iii. unnamed

6029317 Sybil de Sully.645,655

6029318 William Holwey Esq.644 Resided in Holway, Devon, England.

3014659 i. Anne

6029344 James Orchard.621

Living in 1275533

3014672 i. Thomas

6029360 John Trevett.621

He m. Joan Furne621.

They had one child:
3014680 i. William

6029361 Joan Furne.621

6029376 William de Paulet.624  b. before 1277. Resided in Pawlett, Somerset and Legh, Devon, England.

He was a juror at the Perambulation of te Forest of Neroche in Somerset in 1298.

3014688 i. William

6029408 Hamon Denebaud.627  d. in 1282.

3014704 i. William (-<1346)

6029410 Roger Stocklinch.634  Resided in Chaffcombe Manor, Somerset, England in 1344.

3014705 i. Joan

6070272 Ranulf Fitz Ranulf Lord of Spennithorne.486  b. Spennithorne, York, England about 1225.355 d. before 1294.355

As a younger son of Ranulf, he received the manor of Spennithorne as his inheritance. His male descendants continued at Spennithorne until the early part of the 16th century.

He m. Bertrama (_____) de Ingoldsby486.355

They had the following children:
3035136 i. Ralph (~1255-<1316)
ii. Piers486
iii. Henry486
iv. Adam486

6070273 Bertrama (_____) de Ingoldsby.486

6070274 Baron Roger de Lascelles.656  b. Kirkby-under-Knowle, York, England before 1232. d. about 1300.

He m. Elizabeth _____.

They had the following children:
3035137 i. Theophania
ii. Joan657
iii. Avice657
iv. Maud657

6070275 Elizabeth _____. d. about May 1323.

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