20G Grandparents

4194304 William de Kary.620,619  b. Castle Cary, Somerset, England about 1230. d. in 1303.649

He held the manor of West Polworth, Devon at his death in 31 Edward I.658 He is also reputed to have held Panston and Cary before 1303.632

He m. Alice Beaumonde620,619.

They had the following children:
2097152 i. John (~1270-)
ii. Lawrence?632
iii. Thomas?632

4194305 Alice Beaumonde.620,619

4194306 Sir John? or Warren? Archdecon.619

2097153 i. Phillip

4194312 Guy de Bryan.645

In 42 Henry III, he fought with the Earl of Gloucester against the Welsh. He was surity in 51 Henry III for Robert de Vere that he should deport himself peaceably.648

He m. _____ _____.

They had one child:
2097156 i. Guy (-ca1307)

4194313 _____ _____.

4194314 Walter de Sully II.645,655,659  d. in 1285.660

He was one of the heirs of the Barony Toriton.655

He m. Mabel de Somery661,660.

They had the following children:
2097157 i. Sybil
ii. Raymond662,663 (1272-1317)

4194315 Mabel de Somery.661,660  d. in 1312.

4194368 Hemerick le Orchard.621  b. before 1241.533

2097184 i. James

4194402 Sir Matthew Furne.621

He m. Elizabeth _____.

They had one child:
2097201 i. Joan

4194403 Elizabeth _____.

4194432 William de Paulet.624  Resided in Pawlett, Somerset and Legh, Devon, England.

2097216 i. William (<1277-)

4194496 Sir Phillip Denebaud.633

i. William633
2097248 ii. Hamon (-1282)

4194500 Ralph Stocklinch.634 Resided in Chaffcombe Manor, Somerset, England in 1314.

2097250 i. Roger

4276224 Ranulf Fitz Robert Lord of Middleham, York, England.608,486  d. Coverham Abbey, York, England before December 7, 1252.355

He was a minor at the time of his father's death. He was the founder of Coverham Abbey. He held six knights fees in the honour of Richmond. He bore the arms of his grandfather Glanville.

He m. Mary Bigod.

They had the following children:
i. Ralph608,486 (~1218-1270)
2138112 ii. Ranulf (~1225-<1294)

4276225 Mary Bigod.  b. Mennethorpe, York, England.355

She was the heiress of Mennethorpe, Co. York.

4276228 Thomas de Maunby.656 d. before January 20, 1239.

He m. Avice de Lascelles656.

They had one child:
2138114 i. Roger (<1232-~1300)

4276229 Avice de Lascelles.656  d. before 1261.

5669184 Roger Pridias Sheriff of Devon.637  b. about 1224. d. after 1297.

Sheriff of Devon 1271-73.

He m. Gilda _____.

They had the following children:
i. Reginald637 (-1343)
ii. Alice637
iii. Thomas637
iv. Lucy637
v. Margery637 (-1302)
2834592 vi. Peter (-1316)

5669185 Gilda _____.

5669188 Hugh de Treverbyn.637

He m. Theosanna _____.

They had one child:
2834594 i. Walter (-1302)

5669189 Theosanna _____.

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