13G Grandparents

32768 Sir William Cary.610,605  b. Cockington, Devonshire, England on August 12, 1437. d. Tewkesbury, England on May 6, 1471. Resided in Cockington, Clovelly, Ladford and Cary.

He was the heir of his grandmother at age 12 on August 12, 1449. Proved his full age of 21 in inquisition 35 Henry VI #30 (1457). He was behaeded after the Battle of Tewksbury in 1471.604

He m. Elizabeth/Ann Paulet610,605.

They had one child:
16384 i. Robert (~1460-1540)

32769 Elizabeth/Ann Paulet.610,605  b. Hinton St. George, Somerset, England about 1440.

32770 Sir John Huddye Chief Baron of the Exchequer.600,606,611

He was Baron of the Exchequer under King Henry VIII.

He m. Elizabeth Jewe605.

They had the following children:
i. John605
ii. William605
iii. Margaret605
16385 iv. Agnes (-1547)

32771 Elizabeth Jewe.605  Resided in Whitfield, Devon, England.

33408 Sir Ralph Fitz Randall Lord of Spennithorne.608,486  b. about 1398.355 d. before January 1458.355

He inherited his father's lands.

He m. Elizabeth _____.355

They had one child:
16704 i. John (~1420-1475)

33409 Elizabeth _____.

33410 Sir Christopher Conyers of Hornby Castle.609,612  b. about 1380.355 d. after 1462.355 Resided in Yorkshire, England.

He administered the will of his cousin John Conyers of Ormsby in 1438.613 His will was dated 1426. In it, he asks to be buried in the kirk of Hornby beside his father. He leaves Ellen, his wife one third of his goods. To son Thomas he left lands in Hornby, Brokeholme, North Ottrington and half his lands in Erythorne, Hunton, Hesilton, Little Crakehall and Whitby. Also mentioned were son John and daughter Joan. His mother dame Margaret Conyers was named one of the executors.614

He m. Ellen Rolleston609,612, before September 1415.615

They had the following children:
i. Margaret609
ii. Sibyl609
iii. John609,614 (-~1490)
16705 iv. Joan (->1485)
v. Thomas609
vi. Christopher609,616 (-1483)
vii. Catharine609
viii. Richard609
ix. Robert609
x. Roger609
xi. Elizabeth609
xii. Margery609
xiii. Isabel609
xiv. Radulph609
xv. Hawise609
xvi. Jacob609
xvii. William609
xviii. George609
xix. Cecily614

33411 Ellen Rolleston.609,612  b. about 1399.355

39052 Sir Henry Neville.617

He m. Joan Bourchier617.

They had the following children:
19534 i. Richard (1468-)
19526 ii. Thomas (1468-)

39053 Joan Bourchier.617

39068 Sir Henry Neville.617

He m. Joan Bourchier617.

They had the following children:
19534 i. Richard (1468-)
19526 ii. Thomas (1468-)

39069 Joan Bourchier.617

43800 William Godbold.595 b. about 1425. d. in 1507.

He lived in Dennington, Suffolk where he owned a house, land, woods, meadows and pastures called Jaffreys. He was listed as a churchwarden in Dennington in 1491.

He m. Elizabeth _____.

They had one child:
21900 i. Thomas (~1450-)

43801 Elizabeth _____.

43808 Simon Fiske.618,537 b. Laxfield, Suffolk, England about 1400. d. Laxfield, Suffolk, England before February 26, 1464.

The Fiske family lived in Suffolk since very early times. They are first mentioned in 1208, when a grant of land was made to a Daniel Fisc. A Hugh Fiske was recorded as a landholder in Laxfield in a deed of 1345. He was probably the grandfather of Simon Fiske. Many of the Fiske family were highly educated and were members of the clergy. Many were also persecuted during the Reformation in the time of Queen Mary. Simon was a wheelwright by trade. His will dated Dec. 22, 1463 bequeathed his moveables to wife Katherine; to each of three daughters, 10; to children William, Geoffrey, John the elder, Margaret, Edmund, 40s each. Lands in Laxfield and Eston Bavent were divided between his wife and younger son, John.

He m. Katherine _____.

They had the following children:
i. Simon
ii. _____
iii. _____
iv. _____
21904 v. Geoffrey (~1425-<1504)
vi. John (~1440-)

43809 Katherine _____.

44290 John Somaster.553  Resided in Wydcombe, Devon, England.

22145 i. Alice

44544 Thomas Bageworthe the elder.471,471 b. about 1470. d. Barnwood, Gloucester, England after 1544. Resided in Barnwood, Gloucester, England.

He m. Alys _____.

They had the following children:
22272 i. _____ (~1495-<1544)
ii. Margaret?471

44545 Alys _____.

47104 Robert Cary.600,604  b. Clovelly, Devon, England about 1460. d. Clovelly, Devon, England on June 15, 1540.

He executed a deed of settlement of his estate on April 12, 1535. His will was dated April 11, 1518. His Inquisition Post Mortem was 32 Henry VIII (1523) #11. Named in the Inquisition Post Mortem of his widow in 1547 and his son William in 1550. Named as deceased in the i.p.m. of his widow in 1547 and his son William in 1550.605

He m. Agnes Huddye600,606.

They had the following children:
23552 i. William (~1492-1572)
ii. William604 (-1550)

47105 Agnes Huddye.600,606  d. in 1547.

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