12G Grandparents (Continued)

23553 Anne _____.

23664 William Rowning.586  b. Hundon, Suffolk, England about 1450. d. Hundon, Suffolk, England before June 21, 1497.

In his will he was called a "smith". His will indicates that he owned numerous properties: a tenement at Hundon, a croft (enclosed farm land) lying thereto, a croft on Wynner Hill, A croft next to Thomas Fryotts, a croft called Redyng Meadow, land at Hookys Meadow, three acres in Geynsmer, two shops in Spicer's Row in Newmarket and shops in Repaers Row in Newmarket. He was on court rolls from 1476 to 1488. In 1488, William Rowning, common brewer was fined 2 pence by the court.601

He m. Margaret _____.

They had the following children:
i. Thomas586 (~1475-<1525)
11832 ii. John (~1480-<1549)
iii. Agnes586

23665 Margaret _____.

23712 John Fitz Randolph.486  b. about 1455.355 d. before 1514.355

11856 i. Christopher (~1495-<1570)

23714 Cuthbert Langton of Langton Hall. b. Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, England.

11857 i. Jane (~1499-<1574)

23760 John Hinckle.357

He was the overseer of the will of his brother Robert whose will was proved February 4, 1523.

11880 i. John

23776 John Lowthroppe.241

In the early 1500's he was living in the parish of Cherry Burton, about four miles from Lowthorpe, from whence the name derives. He was a gentleman of extensive landed estates in Cherry Burton and elsewhere. On the Yorkshire subsidy roll of 1545, he was taxed twice as much as any other inhabitant of the parish.

11888 i. Robert (-<1558)
ii. unknown241
iii. unknown241
iv. unknown241

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