12G Grandparents

16384 Robert Cary.600,604  b. Clovelly, Devon, England about 1460. d. Clovelly, Devon, England on June 15, 1540.

He executed a deed of settlement of his estate on April 12, 1535. His will was dated April 11, 1518. His Inquisition Post Mortem was 32 Henry VIII (1523) #11. Named in the Inquisition Post Mortem of his widow in 1547 and his son William in 1550. Named as deceased in the i.p.m. of his widow in 1547 and his son William in 1550.605

He m. Agnes Huddye600,606.

They had the following children:
8192 i. William (~1492-1572)
ii. William604 (-1550)

16385 Agnes Huddye.600,606  d. in 1547.

16608 John Rowning.607 b. about 1425.

He appears on a court record of 1459 in which the bailiff was ordered to deliver to him the materials to build a bakery.601

8304 i. William (~1450-<1497)

16704 John Fitz Randolph Esq., Lord of Spennithorne.608,486  b. about 1420.355 d. on March 5, 1475.355

He owned eight messuages and 5 1/2 carucates of land in Spennithorne.

He m. Joan Conyers486,609, before 1444.

They had the following children:
i. Ralph486 (~1444-1518)
ii. Christopher486
iii. Richard486
8352 iv. John (~1455-<1514)
v. Margery486

16705 Joan Conyers.486,609  d. after June 22, 1485.

16800 _____ Hinckle.357

8400 i. John
ii. Robert357 (-<1523)

19384 Robert Cheney.568 b. Waltham Abbey, Essex, England about 1460.

He lived in the parish of Waltham Abbey, Essex, England The name of his wife is not known.

9692 i. Robert (~1490-)

19526 Thomas Neville.503  b. in 1468.

He m. Lettice Harcourt503, in 1499-1507.

They had one child:
9763 i. Ellen (>1499-)

19527 Lettice Harcourt.503

19534 Richard Neville 2nd Baron Latimer.503  b. in 1468.

He m. Ann Stafford.

They had one child:
9767 i. Margaret (1495-)

19535 Ann Stafford.

21040 _____ Goodale.

10520 i. Thomas
ii. Richard424 (-<1588)

21900 Thomas Godbold.595  b. Dennington, Suffolk, England about 1450.

He inherited the house called Jaffreys in Dennington from his father in 1504.

10950 i. Roger (~1473-<1536)
ii. Thomas (~1478-)
iii. _____ (~1483-)
iv. William (~1488-)
5479 v. Anne (~1493-<1554)

21904 Geoffrey Fiske.537  b. Laxfield, Suffolk, England about 1425. d. Laxfield, Suffolk, England before May 13, 1504.

In his will dated May 3, 1504, he showed evidence of his religious life. He made bequests to the high altar, 3s 4d; to the repair of the parish church, 6s 8d; to the repair of the bell, 3s 4d; to the repair of the Chapel of our Lady, 6s 8d; to the Gild of our Lady at Laxfield, 3s 4d; bequests to the friars of Dunwich and Orford, to his son John, a priest, enough to sing for him for one year; to the poor of Laxfield, 10s; to mending of roads, 20s. He asked that his house and land be sold with first preference given to his son, Geoffrey. Whoever purchased his house was also to get his stock of honeybees on the condition that they supplied 2 pounds of beeswax per year to light the crucifix in the Laxfield church.

He m. Margaret _____.

They had the following children:
i. Simon (-<1505)
10952 ii. Geoffrey (~1450-)
iii. Master John (~1465-<1535)
iv. Johan (~1467-)
v. Maryon (~1469-)
vi. Margaret (~1472-)

21905 Margaret _____. d. before May 13, 1504.

The will of Margery Fiske (probated the same day as her husband's) contains bequests similar to those of her husband - to the high altar of Dennington, 12d; to the high altar of Laxfield, 12d; to the Blackfriars and Greyfriars of Dunwich, 40d; to the Gild of our Lady at Laxfield, 40d; a stipend for a priest's services for one year; To her son John Fiske, priest, 10s; to son Geoffrey, 6s 8d and a brass pan; to each grandchild, 4d; to Margeret Crispe, a brass pot; to John Baas, "a pot with a broke syde"; to Ele Warner, my best cap; to Odeny Bass, a harnessed girdle with a blue course; to Johan Lefechilde, 12d; to Isabel West, a coat; to Draper wife, my cloak.

21916 William Godbold.595 b. about 1425. d. in 1507.

He lived in Dennington, Suffolk where he owned a house, land, woods, meadows and pastures called Jaffreys. He was listed as a churchwarden in Dennington in 1491.

He m. Elizabeth _____.

They had one child:
10958 i. Thomas (~1450-)

21917 Elizabeth _____.

22144 Walter Geer.553 b. about 1450.

He m. Alice Somaster553.

They had the following children:
11072 i. John (~1480-)
ii. Juliana553

22145 Alice Somaster.553  Resided in Wydcombe, Devon, England.

22272 _____ Badger.471,471  b. Gloucester, England about 1495. d. before October 6, 1544.

11136 i. Humphrey? (~1517-)
ii. Thomas471 (~1525-)

23552 William Cary Mayor of Bristol.600,563,478  b. Clovelly, Devon, England about 1492. d. Bristol, England on March 28, 1572. bur. Bristol, England on March 28, 1572.

He was sheriff of Bristol in 1532 and mayor in 1546. Although he is shown by Henry Grosvenor Cary as the son of Robert Cary and Agnes Huddye, there has never been any conclusive proof of this discovered and published.

The will of William Carie the elder,dwelling upon the "backe"in St. Nicholas parish of the City of Bristol, 2 April 1571, proved 10 June 1572. My body to be buried in the "Crowde" of St. Nicholas according to the religious custom of christians.I will a sermon to be preached at my burial and the preacher to have for his pains six shillings eight pence.To my son William Carye thirteen pounds six shillings eight pence. To his daughter Anne six pounds thirteen shillings four pence, to be paid at twenty one or day of marriage, but if she die before the appointed time the said portion to return and remain in her said father's hands to his only profit and use. To my son in law John Lacie ten pounds. To Richard Carie, William Carye, Lettice, Frances and Elizabeth , the children of my eldest son Richard Carye by his first wife, six poundsthirteen shillings four pence apiece. To Mary Carye, one of the daughters of the said Richard, thirteen pounds six shillings eiught pence. The said sums to be delivered to every of the saidchildren at twenty one years of age or day of marriage. To my son Richard Carie's children by his last wife,forty shillings apiece, at age of discretion or day of marriage. To my son in law Thomas Dyckinson all the rest of my goods &c and be to be sole executor. Also I will and most earnestly desire Mr. Robert Saxie, alderman, and Mr. Robert Holton, Chamberlin of the City, to be mine overseers. To Annes Chiles my kinswoman five pounds. Christopher Pacye, preacher, on of the witnesses.

He m. Anne _____.

They had the following children:
11776 i. Richard (~1515-<1570)
ii. Agnes478,585
iii. Susan585
iv. William478,585 (->1573)

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