11G Grandparents (Continued)

11136 Humphrey? Badger.471  b. about 1517.

i. Humphrey471
ii. Giles471
iii. Rose471
iv. Thomas471
v. Richard471
5568 vi. John (~1540-)

11146 John Fryeth "alias Norman".581 d. in September 1590.

He m. Agnes _____581, before 1576.

They had one child:
5573 i. Elizabeth

11147 Agnes _____.581

11148 Nicholas Moore.583 b. about 1540. bur. Malden, Essex, England on October 8, 1594. All Saints parish.

The Will of Nicholas Moore Sr.
In the name of god amen Anno 1590 the 18th daye of August in the 32nd yere of the Reigne of Soverigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England France and Ireland Queene Defender of the Faith I Nicholas Moore of Maldon in the County of Essex and...diocesse

Sick of body but of sound and perfect memory god be thanked doe ordayne and make this my...last will and testament in manner and forme folowinge

First I bequeath my soule into the hands of almight god my creator and Redeemer and my body to the earth in sure hope of Resurrection with the Just through my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus

Item I give and bequeath unto Willamin my wife my notage? or tenament situated in Maldon aforesaid in the street called Fulbridge street now in the tenure and occupation of Thomas Moore my son and his assignes, to have and to hold the same to her and her heirs forever

Item I give and bequeath unto her my said wife my lease and tenure of ...that I have in the house that I now dwell in To have and to hold the same unto her and her assignes payinge the rent and discharging the covenante in the same lease specified.

Lastly I give and bequeath unto the said Willamin my wife all and singular my other moveables good debts Stock of leather...Tallow oile and all other my chattles and Implements of household in hand. I make and ordain my sole executrix revokinge all wills whatsoever In witness whereof I have to this...set my hand and seale the Daye and Year above written

Signum hefi [i.e. the mark of] Nicholas Moore In the...of Enoch Moore Nicholas Moore the Younger Et mei Samueila Moore Script

This will of Nicholas Moore Sr. was written by his son Samuel as clerk, 18 Aug 1590, and was proved in Chelmsford, 22 Oct 1594, by Samuel as attorney for his mother Willamin. Enoch Moore and Nicholas Moore the Younger served as witnesses.

Source: New England Historical Genealogical Register in the article "Sara, First Wife of Edmund Greenleaf (1588-1663)" by Dorothy Greenleaf Boynton. [NEHGR 122:28-36]

He m. Willamin _____.

They had the following children:
5574 i. Enoch
ii. Nicholas583
iii. Edward583
iv. Thomas583
v. Phillipa583
vi. Samuel583
vii. Anna583

11149 Willamin _____. bur. Malden, Essex, England on July 20, 1606. All Saints parish.

The Will of Willamin Moore

In the name of god Amen the thirtieth daye of August in the year of our Lorde James by the grace of god now kinge of Englande I willamin Moore of the parish of all Saints in maldon in the county of Essex Wyddow being now very weaken bodye by reason of my great age and years whereby I am put in remembrance that my time and end approacheth and cometh on a pace, do therefore make publishe and declare this my last will and testament in writing in manner and forme following:

First I commend my Soule into the hands of almighty god the Father the sonne and the holy ghost assuredly believing that all my Sinnes of gods great mercy in Jesus christ are doomed and done away And my bodie I comytt to christian buryall at the discretion of the executor of this my last will and testament here under named.

Item I will and give unto my sonne nicholas Moore my tenement with the appertances situated and being in or near agenst Fulbridge street in the parish of Saint Peter in maldon aforesaid now in the tenure and occupation of [?] hybberd wyddow or her assigns to have and hold the said tenement with appertances unto the said nicholas his heirs and assigns forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto the said nicholas a hall bedstead standing in the chamber over the hall of the messauge in which I now dwell and a downe bed now being thereon and other the bedding and furniture thereunto belonging in all things fully furnished and a ...chest in the same chamber with all the linen in the same chest And it is in my minde and will that if in future the said nicholas (after my death) to marrye or to settle and occupe (by himself) the trade of a shoemaker that then the executor of this my testament shall immediately thereupon pay and deliver to him the said nicholas (as my gift) 10 of lawful money of england.

Item I give and bequeath unto Sara Moore the daughter of my sonne Enoch Moore 5 of lawful english money to be payd her by my executor at her age of 21 years or day of marriage which shall first happen.

Then I will and give to be paid by my executor uppon my buryall unto my sonnes Samuel Enoch and Thomas Moore and to my daughters Anne and Phillip to everyone of the same my children (in token of a friendly remembrance) 5s. a piece and no more for that my said daughters and ye one of my said sonnes last named have had already their full portions.

All the rest of my goods moveable household stuff and implements of household and whatsoever ellse I have or may dispose of that is testamentary I give fully and wholly unto Edward Moore my Sonne whome I do make constitute and ordain sole and only executor of this my last will and testament and him do appoint and require to pay my funerall and debts and the legacies of this my testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto put my Seale subscribed my name the day and year first above written the mark of Willamin Moore widdow In the prive of George Purcas [?] Thomas Chesse the writer hereof.

Note: Willamin's will was executed 30 Aug 1603 and proved in 1606.

Source: New England Historical Genealogical Register in the article "Sara, First Wife of Edmund Greenleaf (1588-1663)" by Dorothy Greenleaf Boynton [NEHGR 122:28-36].

11160 John Merrill.599,555 bur. Wherstead, Suffolk, England on December 22, 1609.

He m. Prudence _____599.

They had the following children:
5580 i. Nathaniel (~1572-)
ii. Thomas599 (~1574-)
iii. John599 (~1580-)
iv. Michael599 (~1582-)

11161 Prudence _____.599 d. after 1609.

11776 Richard Cary the Elder.563,478  b. Bristol, England about 1515. d. before June 17, 1570. bur. Bristol, England on June 17, 1570.

Will of Richard Cary the elder of Bristol, merchant, 11 June 1570, proved 3 November 1570. My body to be buried in St. Nicholas "Crowde." To Richard Carye, my eldest son, ten pounds. To my son William twenty pounds. To my daughter Anne Carye ten pounds. To my daughter Frances ten pounds. The same to daughters Elizabeth and Mary Carye. To my father William Carye four hundred pounds, which is a debt that I owe unto him. To my daughter Lettyce Mellen five pounds. Wife Johan, mine executrix, shall redeem all my lands &c. that be in mortgage and have the profits, issues &c. as well as of all other my lands &c., to the use of my said wife and my six last children of her body begotten &c., for nineteen years after my decease. And after her decease and the expiration of the said term I will and devise all my lands &c. in fee simple to Christopher my son, remainder to Richard, my eldest son. The residue of my goods, one third to wife Johan, the rest to said six children. I make my brother William Carye and my brother Robert Halton my overseers. Witnesses Robert Halton and Christopher Pacey, Prebendary of the Cathedral Church of Bristol.

He m. Anne _____, before 1542.

They had the following children:
i. Richard478,585
ii. Lettice478,585 (1543-1570)
iii. Mary478 (Died as Infant) (1544-)
iv. Mary585 (1546->1579)
v. Elizabeth (Died as Infant) (1548-)
vi. Frances478,585 (1549->1570)
5888 vii. William (1550-1632)
viii. Elizabeth478,585 (1551->1570)
ix. Agnes478,585 (1555->1570)
x. Martha (Died as Infant) (1558-1561)

11777 Anne _____. d. before 1561.

11832 John Rowning.586  b. Hundon, Suffolk, England about 1480. d. Hundon, Suffolk, England before December 3, 1549.

His will of 1549, indicated the ownership of the following property: a messuage (house) and croft (enclosed farm land) of land called Manfylds; messauge and lands in Hundon which he inherited; two pieces of charter land in Gaynesmere Lane, Hundon; two shops in Newmarket; a pightell called Wronge Hooke at Reding Bridge; a croft called Pale Gate; houses and land held by copy of court roll; eight kine; two horse, cart and plow.587

He m. Joane _____586, about 1522.

They had the following children:
i. Joane586 (~1523-)
ii. Henry586 (~1525-<1567)
iii. John586 (~1528-)
iv. Marion586
v. William586 (~1533-<1608)
5916 vi. Thomas (~1535-<1610)
vii. Agnes586 (~1540-)

11833 Joane _____.586

11856 Christopher Fitz Randolph.486  b. about 1495.355 d. before April 26, 1570.355

He was executor in 1516 of the will of his uncle, Christopher, parson of Kirkby-in-Ashfield. He was married by a contract dated 1514. His will was administered by his wife Jane in April of 1570. Her will was dated July 30, 1573 and proved April 2, 1574.588 It bequeaths the following:

To each godchild - 4d
To daughter Isabell & Margaret - a cow apiece
To every daughter of Isabell & Margaret - a ewe lamb each
To son John - a cow with calf
To each of John's children - a ewe lamb
To son Thomas - a gray mare
To Thomas' son James - a bay filly
To Thomas' daughter Margaret - a ewe lamb
To son Edward - all household goods
To all daughters - all her apparel
To Agnes day - a ewe lamb
To all of son Christopher's children - a ewe lamb
To Jane Harryson, servant and kinswoman - a lttle heifer and a little pan
To son John - a bull
To Kirkby church - 3s 4d
To all the parish poor who own no plow - 4d each
To her three witnesses - 12d each
To Richard Hollingworth - a pig
To son Christopher and Edward - all remainder of estate
To sons Thomas and John - 3s 4d each for acting as supervisors

He m. Jane Langton486, in 1514.

They had the following children:
i. Thomas486 (-<1601)
ii. John (-1598)
iii. Edward486
5928 iv. Christopher (~1530-)
v. Isabell588
vi. Margaret588
vii. Margery588

11857 Jane Langton.486  b. Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, England about 1499.355 d. before April 2, 1574.355

11864 John Blossom.356,488 b. Great Shelford, Cambridge, England before 1500. bur. Great Shelford, Cambridge, England on March 22, 1573.

His burial record calls him "Father Blossom" indicating that he was quite aged when he died. He was taxed at Great Shelford in the lay subsidies of 1524 and 1546, but not in 1559 or 1571. He received a quarter of malt in the will of his son William Blossom, dated 1566. His wife was called "Mother Blossome" in her funeral record. His son William was a blacksmith.

He m. _____ _____356.

They had the following children:
i. William356 (~1525-)
ii. John356,488 (~1530-)
5932 iii. Peter (~1535-)
iv. Avery356 (~1537-)

11865 _____ _____.356 bur. Great Shelford, Cambridge, England on December 26, 1570.

11880 John Hinckleye.357  bur. Harrietsham, Kent, England on June 25, 1577.

His will was made May 5, 1577 and proved October 11, 1577. It contained the following items:

To the reparation of Harrietsham church, 3s,4d
To godson Henry Hinckleye, 12d
To wife Avice, two bushels of wheat
To wife Avice and daughter Agnes, all goods and cattle
To daughter Agnes, pewter and household goods
To son Robert, 10 at age oftwenty-one
To son Robert, chief messuage at Harrietsham where he then lived
To grandsons Henry and John Hincklye, 20s each
To wife Avice, his tenement at Steden Street where he lived, with barn and land of six acres and other lands called Newman and Chalke land, she paying yearly rent to John Hincklye of 26s, 8d
To son Robert, the use of ponds on the said land to draw water
To son John, 13s, 4d out of the the messauage and lands of son Robert for the term of seven years
To wife Avice, the chamber loft in the house where son Robert lives
To son Robert, the house where he lives with all houses, buildings and lands in Harrietsham
To wife Avice, an annuity of 6s, 8d to be paid out of thelands given to Robert

The inventory of his estate was valued at 15, 9s, 6d.

He m. Johane _____357.

They had the following children:
i. John357
5940 ii. Robert
iii. Anne357,357

11881 Johane _____.357 bur. Harrietsham, Kent, England on January 23, 1564.

11888 Robert Lowthroppe.241  b. Cherry Burton, Yorkshire, England. d. before October 20, 1558.

Inherited his father's estates in Cherry burton and made considerable additions to them.

His will makes the following bequests among others:

To the blessed sacrament of the alter, 5s
To the poor people at his burial, 4 marks
To the church of Sheriburton, 6s, 8d
To son John, all lands and tenements in So. Dalton, lands in Burton
To son Thomas, lands in Walkington
To daughter Margaret, a messuage in Beverlaie
To wife Ellen, leases of two fremolds in Burton and Rainthorpe
To daughter Margaret, 40 marks
To son John, a gray stoned horse
To son Thomas, a dapple gray gelding
To son Lawrence, a bright bay gelding
To daughter Margaret, household goods and a cow
To each godchild, 4d
To his sister's children, 8d
To his three sisters, 6s, 8d
To his five servants, two bushels of wheat
To a maid, two bushels of barley and one of wheat
To two maids, two bushels of barley
To the town of S. Burton, 6s, 8d
To son Thomas, two draught horses
To son John, a cow and two stoats
To son Lawrence, two stoats
To daughter Margaret, two ewes
To the priests, 20d
To Robert Johnson, a velvet jacket
To William Burne, a buckskin doublet
To Simon Naves, his second best velvet jacket
To son Thomas, a coat of mail, a battle ax, steel cap, and pair of splents

He m. Ellen _____241.

They had the following children:
5944 i. Thomas (-1606)
ii. John241
iii. Lawrence241
iv. Margaret241

11889 Ellen _____.241

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