11G Grandparents (Continued)

9774 Thomas Ruston.503 Resided in Swaffham, Cambs., England.

4887 i. Dorothy

10288 George Parkhurst.602 b. in say 1480-90. d. Guildford, Surrey, England about 1546.

The name Parkhurst derives from a wooded park called Parkhurst which was located about nine miles from Guildford. The earliest mention of the name comes in 1464. The first record of George Parkhurst was a licence to sell at the local market on April 3, 1514. The same year he was chosen Hallwarden, an officer of the Guild Hall. He was named Bailiff of Guildford on October 6, 1515. Also in 1515, he served as the official town "Flesh and Fish Taster" - a regulatory position. In 1522 he was elected as Mayor and Coroner of Guildford and re-elected in 1529 and 1533. He appears in a list of the local militia as owning a suit of armor and a pike. In 1545 and 1546, he along with others was fined for "permitting their taverns on High Street to be enclosed to the common nuisance."602

His son John Parkhurst was a graduate of Oxford University, a scholar, rector and a supporter of the reformation. He was named to several highly placed positions including chaplain to the Queen, Katherine Parr, chaplain to the Duke of Suffolk. When Queen Mary came to the throne, he left England and stayed at Zurich where he was accepted by other Calvinists. After the accession of Queen Elizabeth, he retuned to England and was elected as Bishop of Norwich in 1560. He was also made D.D. from Oxford in 1566 and published a collection of Latin epigrams written in his youth. His later years were marked by scandal when one of his servants misappropriated funds which were donated to the diocese.603

i. John (~1510-1575)
ii. George (~1514-1540)
iii. Helen
iv. Agnes
v. Alice
vi. Elizabeth
5144 vii. Christopher (~1520-)
viii. Nicholas (-1598)

10520 Thomas Goodale the elder.424

5260 i. John (~1563-)
ii. Robert

10816 William Hill.576,594 b. between about 1440 and 1450.

He was a resident of Taunton, Somersetshire, England.

He m. Eleanor _____.

They had one child:
5408 i. Roger (~1470-1546)

10817 Eleanor _____.

10944 John Fisher.326 b. about 1465. d. Wingfield, Suffolk, England before April 15, 1523.

He was the owner of property called Chickering Hall in Wingfield, Suffolk which he bequeathed to his son William Fisher. His will also indicates that he owned several other properties called Chylerhowse, Jodys and Newclose close.

He m. Christian _____, about 1485.

They had the following children:
i. William (~1490-)
5472 ii. Robert (~1495-)

10945 Christian _____.

10948 Robert Bert.326 b. about 1465.

Robert, the first known Bert ancestor lived in Stradbroke, Suffolk. He owned the property called Bukks in Stradbroke along with other houses and lands in Stadbroke, Hoxne and Wilbey. His will also mentions numerous cattle and sheep which were divided between his widow and son, William.

He m. Margaret Richman?.

They had one child:
5474 i. William (~1496-<1556)

10949 Margaret Richman?

10950 Roger Godbold.595  b. Dennington, Suffolk, England about 1473. d. Dennington, Suffolk, England before October 31, 1536.

He lived in Dennington all his life. He was shown on the subsidy list in 1524. He appears to have been a prosperous farmer, bequeathing much livestock to his children and grandchildren. Also in his estate were eight separate pieces of property in the towns of Dennington, Badingham, Laxfield and Framsden. The will of his wife, Margery also includes items of a prosperous household such as silver, pewter, velvet, fancy clothes, feather beds etc.

He m. Margery _____.

They had the following children:
i. Henry (~1497-~1540)
5475 ii. Johan (~1500-)
iii. Isabell (~1503-<1585)
iv. William (~1505-<1553)
v. Margaret (~1507-<1557)
vi. Nicholas (~1509-<1586)
vii. Thomas (~1511-<1560)
viii. Roger (~1513-<1571)
ix. Margery (~1515-1585)

10951 Margery _____.

10952 Geoffrey Fiske.537  b. Laxfield, Suffolk, England about 1450.

He was living in Laxfield in 1524. The Fiske Genealogy (1867) says that he was a cooper.

i. John
5476 ii. Richard (~1480-)

10958 Thomas Godbold.595  b. Dennington, Suffolk, England about 1450.

He inherited the house called Jaffreys in Dennington from his father in 1504.

10950 i. Roger (~1473-<1536)
ii. Thomas (~1478-)
iii. _____ (~1483-)
iv. William (~1488-)
5479 v. Anne (~1493-<1554)

10976 Wlliam Everard.330 b. about 1480. d. Holbrook, Suffolk, England before September 27, 1532. Resided in Holbrook, Suffolk, England.

He m. Agnes _____330.

They had the following children:
5488 i. John (~1510-)
ii. Anne330

10977 Agnes _____.330

10978 John Greenleafe.330 Resided in Holbrook, Suffolk, England.

He m. Avice _____330.

They had the following children:
5489 i. Rose
ii. Elizabeth330

10979 Avice _____.330

11066 Sir Lawrence Withers Alderman of London.550

5533 i. Ann (1524-)

11072 John Geer.553  b. Heavitree, Devon, England about 1480.

He m. Alice Throwbridge553.

They had one child:
5536 i. John (~1510-)

11073 Alice Throwbridge.553 Resided in Crediton.

11074 John Jermyn.553,598 Resided in Exeter, Devon, England.

5537 i. Beatrix

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