11G Grandparents

8192 William Cary Mayor of Bristol.600,563,478  b. Clovelly, Devon, England about 1492. d. Bristol, England on March 28, 1572. bur. Bristol, England on March 28, 1572.

He was sheriff of Bristol in 1532 and mayor in 1546. Although he is shown by Henry Grosvenor Cary as the son of Robert Cary and Agnes Huddye, there has never been any conclusive proof of this discovered and published.

The will of William Carie the elder,dwelling upon the "backe"in St. Nicholas parish of the City of Bristol, 2 April 1571, proved 10 June 1572. My body to be buried in the "Crowde" of St. Nicholas according to the religious custom of christians.I will a sermon to be preached at my burial and the preacher to have for his pains six shillings eight pence.To my son William Carye thirteen pounds six shillings eight pence. To his daughter Anne six pounds thirteen shillings four pence, to be paid at twenty one or day of marriage, but if she die before the appointed time the said portion to return and remain in her said father's hands to his only profit and use. To my son in law John Lacie ten pounds. To Richard Carie, William Carye, Lettice, Frances and Elizabeth , the children of my eldest son Richard Carye by his first wife, six poundsthirteen shillings four pence apiece. To Mary Carye, one of the daughters of the said Richard, thirteen pounds six shillings eiught pence. The said sums to be delivered to every of the saidchildren at twenty one years of age or day of marriage. To my son Richard Carie's children by his last wife,forty shillings apiece, at age of discretion or day of marriage. To my son in law Thomas Dyckinson all the rest of my goods &c and be to be sole executor. Also I will and most earnestly desire Mr. Robert Saxie, alderman, and Mr. Robert Holton, Chamberlin of the City, to be mine overseers. To Annes Chiles my kinswoman five pounds. Christopher Pacye, preacher, on of the witnesses.

He m. Anne _____.

They had the following children:
4096 i. Richard (~1515-<1570)
ii. Agnes478,585
iii. Susan585
iv. William478,585 (->1573)

8193 Anne _____.

8304 William Rowning.586  b. Hundon, Suffolk, England about 1450. d. Hundon, Suffolk, England before June 21, 1497.

In his will he was called a "smith". His will indicates that he owned numerous properties: a tenement at Hundon, a croft (enclosed farm land) lying thereto, a croft on Wynner Hill, A croft next to Thomas Fryotts, a croft called Redyng Meadow, land at Hookys Meadow, three acres in Geynsmer, two shops in Spicer's Row in Newmarket and shops in Repaers Row in Newmarket. He was on court rolls from 1476 to 1488. In 1488, William Rowning, common brewer was fined 2 pence by the court.601

He m. Margaret _____.

They had the following children:
i. Thomas586 (~1475-<1525)
4152 ii. John (~1480-<1549)
iii. Agnes586

8305 Margaret _____.

8352 John Fitz Randolph.486  b. about 1455.355 d. before 1514.355

4176 i. Christopher (~1495-<1570)

8354 Cuthbert Langton of Langton Hall. b. Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, England.

4177 i. Jane (~1499-<1574)

8400 John Hinckle.357

He was the overseer of the will of his brother Robert whose will was proved February 4, 1523.

4200 i. John

8416 John Lowthroppe.241

In the early 1500's he was living in the parish of Cherry Burton, about four miles from Lowthorpe, from whence the name derives. He was a gentleman of extensive landed estates in Cherry Burton and elsewhere. On the Yorkshire subsidy roll of 1545, he was taxed twice as much as any other inhabitant of the parish.

4208 i. Robert (-<1558)
ii. unknown241
iii. unknown241
iv. unknown241

9688 Robert Heath.568 b. about 1500.

Robert Heath was listed on the subsidy roll for Little Amwell in 1545 and he owned property in there. No marriage or burial records have been found for him.

4844 i. Edward (~1530-1593)

9692 Robert Cheney.568  b. Waltham Abbey, Essex, England about 1490.

His wife's name is not known. In his will of 1542, he bequeathed, "black cow, a Brandied cow, ye hangings in ye hall, a featherbed and mattress, pewter dyshes, plates, sawsors... ye ressydew of all my goods in ye hows to Robert my sonne & William Donne... equally between them.

i. Agnes
4846 ii. Robert (~1520-~1568)

9694 John Harrison.568 b. Waltham Abbey, Essex, England about 1500. d. Waltham Abbey, Essex, England about 1550.

John Harrison is the earliest traced ancestor of this family. He and wife Agnes reided in the parish of Waltham Abbey, Essex. He probably used a seal with a coat of arms. In his will of 1550, he bequeathed his dwelling house & lands to Agnes, and other houses and land to son William. Also bequeatheed were feather beds, bullock, cattle, brass pots and pans.

She m. Agnes _____.

They had the following children:
i. Elizabeth (->1571)
ii. Margaret
iii. William (-1595)
4847 iv. Joan (~1525-1597)

9695 Agnes _____.

9760 Richard Winslow.503 b. about 1460. d. about 1546. Resided in Earl's Crome, Worcestershire, England.

4880 i. Thomas (~1500-<1562)

9762 Kenelm Bucke?503 b. before 1505. d. about 1550.

He m. Ellen Neville503.

They had one child:
4881 i. _____ (~1515-)

9763 Ellen Neville.503  b. after 1499.

9764 Sir Edward Greville.503 d. about 1529. Resided in Milcote, Weston-upon-Avon, Warwick.

He m. Anne or Joan Denton503.

They had one child:
4882 i. Fulke (~1505-1559)

9765 Anne or Joan Denton.503 Resided in Amersden, Oxon.

9766 Hon. Edward Willoughby.503 b. about 1494. d. in 1517. Resided in Westbury, Wilts.

He m. Hon. Margaret Neville503, in 1505.

They had one child:
4883 i. Elizabeth (~1511-~1563)

9767 Hon. Margaret Neville.503  b. in 1495. Resided in Sinnington, N. Riding, Yorkshire.

9772 Thomas Lisle.503 Resided in Wilbraham, Cambs., England in 1510.

He m. Beatrix Barley503.

They had one child:
4886 i. Edmund

9773 Beatrix Barley.503 Resided in Clavering, Essex, England.

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