10G Grandparents (Continued)

4884 John Oliver.503 Resided in Blandford Forum, Dorset, England in 1550.

2442 i. Gilbert (1535-1583)

4886 Edmund Lisle.503  Resided in Wilbraham, Cambs., England.

He m. Dorothy Ruston503.

They had one child:
2443 i. _____

4887 Dorothy Ruston.503

4888 Richard Chilton.508 b. Canterbury, Kent, England. d. before 1549.569

The Chilton family had long resided at Canterbury. In 1504, a William Chilton of Canterbury is recorded as being a mercer. In 1339 a Robert Chilton was a representative of Canterbury in Parliament and in 1422, a William Chilton was also a member of Parliament. Richard's will dated 1549, named his son Lyonel Chilton as heir.

2444 i. Lyonell (-<1583)

5122 Edward Fuller.571 d. Stanford Rivers, Essex, England before January 8, 1574.

His will dated December 4, 1573 made bequests to his daughters, Joan Cumbers, Elizabeth Hawkes and her four children, Thomasine Somner, and his son Cumber's children. As executors, he appointed "my two sons, William Somner and John Cumbers". William Somner was executor also of John Cumbers will. His name was variously spelled Cumbers, Combers or Convers in records.570

2561 i. Joan
ii. Elizabeth571
iii. Thomasine571

5144 Christopher Parkhurst.589  b. about 1520. bur. Ipswich, Suffolk, England on August 10, 1595.

Christopher Parkhurst was a landowner in Guildford in his early life. He was on the tax list of 1546 and taxed 4 pence for goods and 20 pence lands and buildings. In 1561, his brother John, the bishop of Norwich named Christopher the Keeper of the Bishop's Palace at Ipswich, Suffolk county.589

i. Helen
ii. Elizabeth
iii. George (1551-1631)
2572 iv. John (-1611)
v. James
vi. Ann
vii. Chistopher (~1572-)
viii. Samuel (~1574-)
ix. Joseph (~1576-~1635)

5148 John Leete.590 b. Eversden, Cambridge, England about 1500. bur. Little Eversden, Cambridge, England on December 25, 1551.

John Leete of Eversden appears on the tax rolls of 1522 and was assessed for 6 for goods. He also appears on the tax lists of 1540 for Little Eversden and 1542 for Little Eversden. His wife Helen Burgoyne was described in a baptismal record as a "gentlewoman", meaning of an upper class social status. In the Herald's Visitation of Cambridge, the Lete family arms were recorded and they were confirmed in the visitation of 1619. John and Helen were recorded as the progenitors of the family.

The name Leete is ancient in England and can be traced back to before the Norman conquest. A certain Leit was a thane of King Edward the Confessor from 1042 to 1065. During the reign of King John there are four brothers, Radmund, Walter, Nicholas and Peter de Lete who were knight Crusaders from 1213 to 1230.

He m. Hellen Burgoyne591, before 1525.

They had the following children:
i. William (1520-~1560)
ii. Edmund (-~1580)
iii. Henry (-<1558)
iv. Thomas
2574 v. Robert (~1525-~1598)

5149 Hellen Burgoyne.591 b. about 1500. d. about 1564.

The ancestors of Hellen are not known at present, although there are are Burgoynes recorded in Cambridgeshire as early as 1334.

5150 _____ Grundy.592

2575 i. Alice (~1545-)
ii. John408
iii. Margaret408
iv. James408

5260 John Goodale.424  b. Downham Market, Norfolk, England about 1563. bur. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England on July 7, 1625.

He m. Bridget Portler424, on September 21, 1588 in Downham Market, Norfolk, England.

They had the following children:
i. Frances424
ii. Ellen424
iii. John424
2630 iv. Richard (-1666)
v. Thomas424
vi. Rebecca424
vii. Elizabeth424

5261 Bridget Portler.424 bur. Downham Market, Norfolk, England on November 24, 1607.

5408 Roger Hill.593,594  b. Taunton, Somersetshire, England between about 1470 and 1475. d. in 1546.

He was a merchant in Taunton.

Will of Roger Hill [from Somerset Medieval Wills]:

January 6, 1544, Roger Hill, Marchant of Taunton. My body to rest in the church of St Magdalyn in Taunton. To the mother church of Wells 12pence. To the high altar in Mawdlyn church 20 shillings. To the high cross service and sepulchre service there 6sh 8d to each. To our lady service of St James by Taunton 10 shillings and to St Katreyn's service there 10shillings. To our lady service in Lyme 3sh 4d. To the repair of the Cobbe there 3sh 4d.

A priest to sing in Mawdlyn church for 20 years having 6 a year. To Sir Robert Rede my ghostly father 20 shillings (godfather). To every priest in Mawdlyn church 20d. To poor at my burial and at the month ende, 100. To my daughter Alice 100 if she be married and ruled by the advice of my executors, or else her bequests to be divided between my sons William and Robert and my daughter Margaret. To my daughter Jone late at Buckland, 40sh. No implements of my house to be removed by my wife, viz,table bourdes, cubbourds, great cheste and hangings in every chamber, hall and parlour. To John Hill his children 4. To each godchildren 12 pence. To John Toose's
children 4. To John Hill my eldest son a packe of warecloth. To Alexander Togwell my son in law the same.

Residue - Margery my wife, my executrix

Overseers William Portman Esq. sergeant at law and Alexander Togwell my son
in law.

He m. Margery _____, about 1510.

They had the following children:
i. Margaret (>1510-)
ii. Mary (>1510-)
iii. Robert (~1512-1581)
2704 iv. William (~1515-1594)
v. Alice (>1523-)

5409 Margery _____. d. in 1550.

Will for MARGERY HILL [from Somerset Medieval Wills]:

June 1, 1548 Margery Hyll wydowe. My body to be buried in the church of Marye Magdaleyn in Taunton under the stone that my husband now lieth whose soul jhu pardon. To the church of St Andrews in Wells 12d. To the church of Mary Magdaleyn in Taunton 20s. To the poor 20s to be put in the comen Cofer in Magdalyn churche. To St. James Church 20s. To the vicar of Mawdelyn 20s. To every priest of Magdalyn 20d. To every priest coming to my burial 12d. To the Vicar of Pytmestre 6s8d. To the churchs of Pytmyster,Trulle,Wylton 3s 4d to each. To the poor on the day of my burial and months and twelve monthes ende 30 I will my executors give yearly for seven years at the feast of All Saints 3, to be (stowed) in the sherty and smockes to poor people until 21 be bestowed.

To my son William Hilles three children half a pipe of oode, each. To Alexander Togwells three children, the same. To my god-daughter Mary Portman and to Henry Portman and to every of them 66s 8d. To my son-in-law John Whyt, 66s 8d. To Sir John Hyll 20s and to his sister Johan Hill also. I will that my apparel be divided between my four daughters. I will that six poor men have six black gowns at the day of my burying. To each of my servants then with me 3s 4d.

And where my late husband Roger Hill whose soul jhu pardon, constituted me his sole executrix to perform his will, I charge my executor to see his will performed and this my present will as he will answer before God (cum venerit judiare vivos et mortuos)

Residue: to my son Robert Hill (executor)

Overseer: Sir William Portman ,knight, William Hill my son, and Alexander Togwell my son-in-law.

Witnesses: Sir William Portman, knight, John Cuffe, William Halley and Thomas Bowdon.

Proved February 14, 1550

5410 John Ryves.

2705 i. Lucy

5440 Anthony Hall.535 b. Henwick, Worcester, England.

He was living in 1573.

2720 i. Thomas (-1610)

5472 Robert Fisher.326  b. about 1495.

Robert settled at Syleham where his name appears in the 1524 "Subsidy of Suffolk".

i. Margaret (~1521-)
ii. Robert (~1523-)
iii. Anne (~1525-)
2736 iv. William (~1527-<1591)

5474 William Bert.326  b. Stradbroke, Suffolk, England about 1496. d. before November 6, 1556.

William inherited the property called Bukks in Stradbroke from his father, along with other houses and lands in Stradbroke, Hoxne and Wilby. His will indicates that during his lifetime, he increased his property holdings. He had both men and women servants in his household and left generous inheritances to his children. He left one penny, a loaf of bread and cheese to all the poor people of his town. His will indicates extensive property holdings for a yeoman and he divided his numerous properties among his sons. His will bequeathed numerous cattle, horses and other livestock, and farm implements and grains in the barns.

He m. Johan Godbold595, about 1521.

They had the following children:
i. Roger (~1522-)
ii. Henry (~1524-)
iii. Robert (~1526-)
iv. William (~1528-1558)
2737 v. Margerie (~1530-)
vi. Johanna (~1532-1542)

5475 Johan Godbold.595  b. Dennington, Suffolk, England about 1500.

5476 Richard Fiske.596,537,597  b. Laxfield, Suffolk, England about 1480.

There is some uncertainty about the exact ancestry of Richard Fiske. In the Moriarty article, a process of elimination is used to conclude that Richard is the son of Geoffrey Fiske. In any case it is fairly certain that he descends from the original Simon Fiske of Laxfield ca 1400.

Interestingly, among the descendants of Richard Fiske are Benjamin Harrison (23rd U.S. President) and Calvin Coolidge (30th U.S. President).

i. John (~1514-)
ii. George (~1516-)
iii. Geoffrey (~1519-)
iv. Robert206 (~1521-<1602)
2738 v. Nicholas (~1522-<1569)
vi. Jeremie (~1523-)
vii. William (~1525-<1579)
viii. Richard (~1527-<1572)

5478 William Crispe.577 b. Laxfield, Suffolk, England about 1491. d. before January 19, 1553.

His will indicates that he was a turner by profession. He purchased a meadow called Plummes Brook in Laxfield from his brother John Crispe. His will also indicates that he owned land and buildings in Laxfield called Greenlowes and Gooches along with orchards and gardens. He willed to son-in-law Nicholas Fiske land, buildings, meadows and pastures in Dennington. And he provided generous payments to the poor people of several towns and left money for the repair of roads. His son-in-law, John Noyse, husband of Anne Crispe, was burned at the stake at Laxfield on Sept. 22, 1557. This is documented in John Fox's "Book of Martyrs".

He m. Anne Godbold595.

They had the following children:
i. _____ (~1519-<1552)
ii. Anne (~1521-)
iii. Margery (~1523-)
iv. Margaret (~1525-)
2739 v. Johan (~1527-)

5479 Anne Godbold.595  b. Dennington, Suffolk, England about 1493. d. before March 17, 1554.

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