9G Grandparents (Continued)

2412 James Ashton.567,257  b. St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England in 1550. d. St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England in November 1624.

1206 i. James (~1580-1651)
ii. _____ (~1585-<1648)

2414 Roger Honeychurch.

Vicar of Mildreth.

1207 i. Alice (~1580-1643)

2422 William Heath.568,383  b. Ware, Hertfordshire, England about 1550. d. Ware, Hertfordshire, England in January 1625.

He was probably the eldest son of Edward and probably inherited his father's house at Ware to the exclusion of his brothers.

He m. Agnes Cheney568, on June 9, 1580 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England.

They had the following children:
i. John (<1581-<1591)
ii. Alice (<1583-1640)
iii. Issac (<1587-1661)
iv. George (<1588-)
v. William (~1590-1652)
vi. John (<1591-1595)
1211 vii. Mary (<1594-1629)
viii. Prudence (<1597-)
ix. Thomas (<1603-1603)
x. Thomas (<1604-)

2423 Agnes Cheney.568  b. Waltham Abbey, Essex, England about 1560.

2440 Kenelm Winslow.503  b. about 1535. d. in 1607? Resided in Clifton, Severnstroke, Worcester, England. Resided in Kerswell, Kempsey, England before 1571.

He m. ______ Greville?503, about 1555.

They had the following children:
1220 i. Edward (1560->1628)
ii. Anthony?503
iii. Christopher?503 (~1565-~1613)
iv. Francis?503
v. Kenelm?503 (~1555->1605)

2441 ______ Greville?503  b. abt 1530-45.

2442 Gilbert Oliver.503  b. in 1535. d. in 1583. Resided in London, England.

He m. _____ Lisle503.

They had one child:
1221 i. Magdalen (1566->1606)

2443 _____ Lisle.503

2444 Lyonell Chilton.508  b. Canterbury, Kent, England. d. Canterbury, Kent, England before February 1583.569

His will of 1582 named his sons James and John Chilton. His wife Isabell was probably not the mother of his children John and James.569

He m. _____.

They had the following children:
1222 i. James (~1556-1620)
ii. John
iii. Alice
iv. Ann
v. Margaret

2445 _____.

2452 Reverend William Browne.273 b. England in February 1534. d. Horley, Surrey, England on November 14, 1613.

Rev. William Browne matriculated at Pembroke College in March 1546. He lived in the village of Horley for fifty years where he was vicar of the church from 1563 to 1613 when he died. In the parish church of Horley there is a black marble slab against the north wall of the chancel which contains a three generation pedigree of Rev. Browne's family.

He m. Magdalen _____, about 1560.

They had the following children:
i. Phoebe (>1560-)
1226 ii. Joseph (~1562-1633)
iii. Sarah (~1569-)
iv. Benjamin (1571-1638)

2453 Magdalen _____. d. Horley, Surrey, England in 1604.

2560 John Convers.513 d. Stanford Rivers, Essex, England before October 5, 1574.

His will was dated August 5, 1674 and refers to hinself as "yeoman". He bequeathed 2 shillings to the poor of Stamford Rivers and 3 shillings to the poor of Navestock. All his lands in Navestock were bequeathed to his wife Joan for ten years and after that to his son Allen. He directed Allen to pay 40 shillings to his sons Thomas, Anthony, John, Jeffrey and William. Also to his daughter Jane he left 10 at her marriage or age twenty-one and a cupboard, cradle and a new morter. Allen received a "great brass pot". William Somner, brother-in-law was executor of John Cumbers will. His name was variously spelled Cumbers, Combers or Convers in records.570

He m. Joan Fuller571.

They had the following children:
1280 i. Allen (-<1639)
ii. Thomas
iii. Anthony571 (-<1623)
iv. John
v. Geoffrey
vi. William
vii. Jane

2561 Joan Fuller.571

2572 John Parkhurst.514,572  d. Ipswich, Suffolk, England in 1611. bpt. Guildford, Surrey, England on October 29, 1554.

John Parkhurst was a shearman and a clothier. In his will of 1610, he bequeathed to son George all his shop equipment and implements, all of his books and all of his stock. His executor was required to post a bond of 300, indicating that John was a fairly wealthy businessman for his day.572

He m. Sarah _____.

They had the following children:
i. Robert
ii. Thamar (~1586-)
1286 iii. George (~1588-1675)
iv. John (~1595-)
v. Hellen
vi. Mary
vii. Sarah (~1603-)

2573 Sarah _____.

2574 Robert Leete.573  b. Great Eversden, Cambridgeshire, England about 1525. d. about 1598.

Robert Leete appears to have been a very well educated man for his time with a Bachelor of Arts in 1545 and a Master of Arts in 1548 and he was a Fellow of St. Johns College in 1545. He was about twenty years older than his wife and there is no evidence of an earlier wife.

He m. Alice Grundy408, on April 6, 1573 in Great Eversden, Cambridgeshire, England.

They had the following children:
i. Symeon
ii. Judeth
iii. Deborah (1576-)
iv. Ruth (-1666)
v. Mordochias
vi. Susanna
1287 vii. Phebe (-<1641)

2575 Alice Grundy.408  b. about 1545.

Alice Grundy's parents are not known, but she must have come from a highly educated family since her husband and brother were both Fellows of St. John's College. Her brother John also received several degrees and was a vicar and rector during his life.

2624 Dominick Wheeler. b. about 1568.445 d. New Sarum, Wilteshire, England before February 16, 1616.574

He was called a shearman (a person who sheared cloth) in his will which was dated December 12, 1615 and made the following bequests:

to wife Mercy - all his real and personal property during her life
to eldest son John - all the property after the death of wife Mercy, also a little clock and platter
to Anne, wife of son John - 5 shillings
to Edward, the eldest son of John - one silver spoon
to Edward's brother John - one pottinger574

He m. Mercy Jellye, on June 3, 1588 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.445 St. Edmund's.

They had one child:
1312 i. John (~1589-1670)

2625 Mercy Jellye. d. after 1616.

2630 Richard Goodale.424  d. Salisbury, NH on September 16, 1666. bpt. Downham Market, Norfolk, England on July 29, 1594.

He m. Dorothy _____424, about 1615.

They had the following children:
i. Richard424 (~1616-1676)
1315 ii. Ann (1618-1678)

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