7G Grandparents (Continued)

617 Sarah _____.

Sarah was admitted to the church in May of 1640 and she had Nathaniel baptized there in 1643. Sarah was admonished on Aug. 4, 1646 by Quarterly Court of Salem "for offensive withdrawing of ye ordinance of Baptizing of Infants", presumably for not wanting to have her daughter baptized.400

640 Edward Converse.279  d. Woburn, MA on August 10, 1663.279 bpt. Navestock, Essex, England on March 23, 1589.279

He sailed to New England with the Winthrop Fleet of 1630, leaving from Yarmouth, England in April and arriving in June and July with 700 other passengers in the fleet. 401An agreement between Edward Converse and Massachusetts Colony was entered in Governor John Winthrop's journal. The agreement allowed Converse to operate the ferry between Charlestown and Boston for three years for an annual rent of 40. He was allowed to charge two pence for single people, one for multiple people, six for a man and horse or cow, etc. He operated the ferry beginning in 1631 and was admonished by the General Court for mismanaging the business in 1638 and 1640 and fined 10 shillings in 1640 because the ferry had been neglected. In 1640 the business was taken from him.402 403

He was a founder of Woburn, Massachusetts.

He m. Sarah _____404, before October 14, 1632 in Boston, MA.

They had one child:
320 i. Samuel (-1669)

641 Sarah _____.404 d. Woburn, MA on January 14, 1662.404

642 Reverend Thomas Carter.405,406,280  b. Hinderclay, Suffolk, England in 1608. d. Woburn, MA on September 5, 1684. bpt. Hinderclay, Suffolk, England on July 3, 1608. Resided in Watertown, MA before 1637.

He received an AB degree from Cambridge University in 1629, and an MA from Cambridge University in 1633. For forty years he was the pastor of the church at Woburn, Massachusetts.

His ordination at Woburn was somewhat controversial and was commented upon in John Winthrop's Journal.407 Winthrop felt that the ordination was not done very well since it was performed by members of the Woburn church without the help of the elders of other churches. Others felt that local ordaination was the appropriate expression of local conrol of the church.

He m. Mary Parkhurst405,280,408,281, before 1640 in Watertown, MA.

They had the following children:
i. Samuel281 (1640-1693)
321 ii. Judith (1643-1677)
iii. Theophilus281 (1645-1650)
iv. Mary281 (1648-1688)
v. Abigail281 (1649-1676)
vi. Deborah281 (1651-1667)
vii. Timothy281 (1653-1727)
viii. Thomas281 (1655->1722)

643 Mary Parkhurst.405,280,408,281  d. Woburn, MA on March 28, 1687. bpt. Ipswich, Suffolk, England on August 28, 1614.

648 William Sabin.409,410,147  b. Titchfield, Hampshire, England on October 11, 1609. d. Rehoboth, MA on February 9, 1687.

William Sabin came to New England sometime before 1642 when he was recorded as being present at the organization of the town of Rehoboth. It has been suggested that he may have come on the ship Brevis in 1638 when a group of Titchfield people sailed from England. He was in Rehoboth by 1643 when his estate was valued for taxes at a modest amount of 53 (Bliss p. 26). At town meeting in 1646, he was given permission by the town to set up fish weirs in the Pawtucket River to catch alewives under the condition that they do not prevent fishing by either the English or the Indians, that they sell their alewives at 2s per thousand, other fish at reasonable rates and that they do not hinder boat traffic on the river (Bliss p. 39).

By 1648, he was the operator of a mill that was built by his father-in-law Richard Wright. Later in life he was reputed to be a man of some wealth and culture who donated freely to the victims of the Indian wars. He was the constable in Rehoboth in 1656 and he was chosen to be a deputy a Deputy to the Court at Plymouth in the years 1657, 1659- 61 and 1670-1. He was the foreman of a jury that brought in a verdict of guilty against three Indians for the killing of John Sassamon in 1675. The subsequent hangings of the Indians was the event that precipitated the commencement of King Phillip's War and the massacre of the English at Swansea in June of 1675. His mill at Rehoboth was burned in the hostilities of the war on March 28, 1676 and his son Nehemiah Sabin was killed by Indians in June of 1676 (Bliss p. 103). Son Samuel is also listed among the soldiers who fought in this war (Bliss p. 107). He advanced the town the sum of 15 5s 8d to help prosecute the war. (Bliss p. 117). He fathered a total of twenty children by two wives and lived to be 78 years of age.

Interestingly, William and Mary Sabin were ancestors of two U.S. presidents, Millard Fillmore and George Bush through their daughter Elizabeth Sabin Millard.411

He m. Mary Wright410,147, about 1639.

They had the following children:
i. Samuel (~1640-1699)
665 ii. Elizabeth (~1642-1718)
iii. Joseph (1645-1690)
324 iv. Benjamin (1646-1725)
v. Nehemiah (1647-1676)
vi. Experience (1648-1728)
vii. Mary (1652-1675)
viii. Abigail (1653-1721)
ix. Hannah (1654-1730)
x. Patience (1656-~1711)
xi. Jeremiah (1658-)
xii. Sarah (1660-)

649 Mary Wright.410,147  b. Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England about 1620. d. Rehoboth, MA in 1662.

650 John Polley.283 b. about 1618. d. Roxbury, MA on April 2, 1689.

John's Old World origins are not known, although there are four baptismal records of John Polleys in England about the right date. Most of his fellow Roxbury settlers came with the Winthrop Fleet from the county of Essex and the town of Nazeing in England. John arrived sometime before 1649. The first record of him in Roxbury was when he joined the church June 30, 1650. John Polley had seven daughters by his first wife and six daughters and one son by his second wife over a span of thirty-two years. His youngest, Sarah Polley, was named for her older sister, Sarah, who had married, had children and died before her sister was born.
John Polley lived his entire life in the town of Roxbury in the Jamaica Plains section. His house was in the Greenough Street area south of Center Street and his meadow is part of the Forest Hills cemetery. A petition from Roxbury residents complaining about Harvard students dated March 5, 1672 bears John's name and mark. The document complains that the students, "are brought up in such pride as dosth no wayes become such as are brought up for the holy service of the lord, either in the magistracy, or ministery especially, and in particular in their long haire, which last first took head, and broke out at the Colledg so far as we understand and remember." He was also among a list of people who founded the public school of Roxbury. He made his mark on documents rather than signing them, indicating he probably could not read or write.

It is reported that his house was framed in England and brought to this country for construction; his son and grandson were employed as housewrights, suggesting that was also John's occupation. Portions of his original house are still standing as part of a church parsonage in Roxbury.

In his will of 1689, he left most of his property to his only son, John Jr. and 20 each to his thirteen daughters with the portion of Sarah Polley's to go to her four orphaned Sabin children. The inventory of his estate included 13 acres of woodland upon Muddy Pond Hill, 4 acres of salt marsh, 17 acres in his homestead and house, 40 acres of pasture adjoining his home and large amounts of seed, plowing equipment, oxen, and livestock.

He m. Susanna Bacon412,283, about 1647.

They had the following children:
i. Mary (<1650-)
325 ii. Sarah (<1650-~1678)
iii. Hannah (<1652-1720)
iv. Abigail (<1654-1703)
v. Bethiah (1659-1748)
vi. Susanna (<1661-1729)
vii. Elizabeth (<1664-)

651 Susanna Bacon.412,283  b. England about 1625. d. in April 1664.

Susanna came from England at the age of ten in 1635. with her father and two brothers. Susanna joined the Roxbury church May 12, 1650 and had her two first daughters baptized there. Her gravestone is still visible in the Roxbury cemetery.

652 William Davis.413,414,285 b. Wales in 1617. d. on December 9, 1683.

The date and place of William's emigration to New England is not known, however the family tradition is that he came from Wales. There is abranch of the Davis family in Caermarthen, Wales which used the same coat of arms as William's son Ichabod - He first appears in records in Roxbury in 1643. His first known occupation, about 1646 was "hewing timber and framing a barn and dwelling" for Lieut. Griffin Craft. Over time, he became a prosperous and respected citzen of early Roxbury. He was accepted as a freeman in 1649; granted a three acre home lot in 1653, served on a town committee in 1661; served as town constable 1671-2. He was admitted into full communion at the Roxbury church on April 20, 1673. Lastly, he was elected to be Tithing Man in 1683, the year he died. He was married three times and was the father of sixteen children in total, nine by his last wife, Jane. His farm was located in the section now known as Jamaica Plain on th esite of the present Unitarian Church.

Elizabeth Davis, wife of William was a member of the Roxbury church on Oct. 7, 1649 when the oldest three children were baptized there. Alice, 2nd wife of William was admitted to the church June 4, 1663 and Jane, his third wife, on June 8, 1673.

His estate was valued at the relatively large sum for the day of 429 which included, among other items, six pieces of land, woodland, pasture, orchards, meadow, etc. totalling about 120 acres; 3 horses, 8 cattle, sheep, swine, beehives, corn, barley, rye, oats, beans, household goods and implements.

In his will, he states that he has already given a portion of his estate to his oldest sons, John, Samuel and Joseph, but leaves them an additional five shillings "to buy them some good books to remember me with". To Elizabeth, his next born, he left 12 and a trunk. To younger sons, Jonathan and Mathew he gave two orchards and enough money to total their share to 20 each. The remainder he gave to his wife Jane, presumably leaving it to her to take care of the children born to him and Jane.

He m. Elizabeth _____, before 1643.

They had the following children:
i. John (1643-1705)
326 ii. Samuel (1645-1690)
iii. Joseph147 (1647-)

653 Elizabeth _____. d. on May 4, 1658.

654 Alexander Edwards.415,416,417,290,418,419,420 b. Wales about 1620. d. on September 4, 1690.

He m. Sarah Baldwin421,419,418, on April 28, 1642.

They had the following children:
i. Samuel290 (1643-1731)
327 ii. Hannah (1645-1680)
iii. Joseph290 (1647-)
iv. Mary290 (1649-)
v. Benjamin290 (1652-1724)
vi. Sarah290 (1654-)
vii. Nathaniel (1657-)
viii. Elizabeth (>1657-)

655 Sarah Baldwin.421,419,418  b. Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire, England after 1609.

656 Henry Wheeler.422  b. about 1637.423 d. before 1696.295

He m. Abigail Allen424, about 1659.425

They had the following children:
i. Henry293 (1659-1684)
ii. Abigail293 (1661-)
iii. William293 (1663-)
iv. Moses293 (1665-)
v. Ann293 (1667-)
328 vi. James (1667-1753)
vii. Josiah293 (1669-)
viii. Ruth293 (1671-)
ix. Nathaniel293 (1675-)
x. Jeremiah293 (1677-)
xi. Benjamin293 (1682-)
xii. Mary293 (1685-)

657 Abigail Allen.424  b. Salisbury, MA on January 4, 1640.422 d. after 1696.

She was ordered by the Salisbury Quarterly court in November of 1679 to collect the debts due to Clement Jarmin desceased and to pay for his funeral.426 Mrs. Wheeler is noted as a member of the First Church of Salisbury, MA in 1687.427 And was recorded as a widow in Boston in 1696.295

658 Phillip Squire.428 b. in 1630.429 d. Boston, MA on 2/29/1693.429,430

Phillip Squire of Boston was a brewer or distiller and a non-resident proprietor of Rehoboth, MA. He was a corporal in Captain William Turners Company at Medfield during King Phillip's War. His estate in 1693 consisted of his homestead and brewery and lands in Rehoboth. 428

In April of 1668, George Ruggles weaver "in consideration of the fatherly love and affection which I have and bear unto my daughter Rachel, the wife of Phillip Squire of Boston" deeded a parcel of land adjoining the land on which Phillip Squire built his house. On July 16, 1673 Elizabeth Ruggles sold to son-in-law Phillip Squire of Boston, distiller a parcel of land lying between Squires house lot and the highway from the water mill to the Charlestown Ferry.431 He is buried in King's Chapel, Boston, MA.

He m. Rachel Ruggles296,432, about 1664.428

They had the following children:
i. Rachel208,424 (1665-1694)
329 ii. Grizzel (1668-<1738)
iii. Elizabeth296 (1669-)
iv. Phillip296 (1671-)
v. Jane296 (Died as Infant) (1674-)
vi. William296 (1676-)
vii. John296 (1678-)
viii. Mary429 (1679-)
ix. Ebenezer296 (1681-1695)

659 Rachel Ruggles.296,432  b. Braintree, MA on February 15, 1643.433

660 John West.300

330 i. John (~1655-<1737)

662 Richard Bullock.300,298 b. England about 1622. d. Rehoboth, MA before November 22, 1667.

He was an ancestor of George Bush.

He m. Elizabeth Ingraham300,298, on August 4, 1647 in Rehoboth, MA.434

They had the following children:
i. Samuel435,298 (1648-1717)
ii. Elizabeth435,298 (1650-)
iii. Mary435,298 (1652-1730)
331 iv. Mehitable (1655->1694)
v. Abigail435,298 (1657-1704)
vi. Hopestill435 (1659-)

663 Elizabeth Ingraham.300,298  b. about 1629. d. Rehoboth, MA on January 7, 1660.

664 Robert Millard.436  b. England about 1632. d. Rehoboth, MA on March 16, 1699. bur. Kickimuit Cemetery, Warren, RI.

Robert, like his father was by trade a tanner of leather. His name appears on a list of Rehoboth citizens who contributed cash for the equiping and supllying the soldiers of King Phillip's War in the amount of 5, 17s, 6d.437

His will of March 11, 1699 bequeathed to sons Soloman and Ephraim a dwelling house, land and barn at Palmer River; to son Nathaniel, 10 acres on Rocky River; to son Nehemiah, fifty acres; to son Robert, fifty acres at the northside of Rehoboth; to all sons, apiece of salt meadow; to two grandsons, fifty acres apiece. The inventory of his estate totalled 271 and included among other things, a bark mill used to grind tree bark, tanning pits, raw hides and barks, and smithy tools.436 His gravestone reports his age at death as 67 years.438

Interestingly, Robert and Elizabeth Millard were ancestors of two U.S. presidents, Millard Fillmore through his son Nehemiah, and George Bush through his son Nathaniel.411

He m. Elizabeth Sabin147, on December 24, 1662 in Rehoboth, MA.

They had the following children:
i. Elizabeth439 (1664-1741)
ii. Robert439 (1666-)
iii. Nehemiah439 (1668-1751)
iv. Josiah439 (1670-1694)
332 v. Nathaniel (1672-1741)
vi. Solomon439 (1674-)
vii. Ephraim439
viii. Mary439 (1680-)
ix. Sarah439 (1684-)
x. Experience439 (1687-)

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