6G Grandparents

256 Deacon John Cary Jr.  b. Duxbury, MA on November 14, 1645.230 d. Bristol, RI on July 14, 1721.165 bur. Congregational Church, High St., Bristol, RI.48

He m. Abigail Penniman231, on December 7, 1670.232

They had the following children:
i. John (Died as Infant) (1671-1671)
ii. Seth (1673-)
iii. John (1674-1711)
iv. Nathaniel (1676-)
v. Eleazer (1678-1754)
vi. James (1680-1761)
128 vii. Benjamin (1681-1735)
viii. Elizabeth (1683-)
ix. Abigail (1684-1738)
x. Josiah (1686-1739)
xi. Timothy (1688-)

257 Abigail Penniman.231  b. Braintree, MA on December 27, 1651. d. Bristol, RI on June 25, 1729. bur. Congregational Church, High St., Bristol, RI.48

The will of her mother Lydia Eliot Penniman Wight bequeathed 10 "to my daughter Abigail Carie"233

Her will was probated 2/12/1730 and administered by son Benjamin and son-in-law Samuel Howland (6:353). It mentions sons Eleazer, James, Benjamin and Josiah; only daughter Abigail Howland; Jemima Cary, daughter of Josiah Cary; granddaughter Abigail Cary, daughter of John deceased; granddaughter Abigail Cary, daughter of Eleazer Cary; granddaughter Abigail Cary, daughter of James Cary; granddaughter Abigail Cary, daughter of Benjamin Cary; granddaughter Abigail Howland, daughter of Abigail Howland; and grandson John, son of John Cary. 234

258 Ensign Joseph Kent.235  b. England about 1635. d. in 1704.167,236

He m. Susanna George, before 1665 in Rehoboth, MA.237,236

They had the following children:
i. Joseph (1665-1735)
ii. Samuel (1668-1737)
iii. Joshua (1672-1725)
129 iv. Susannah (1687-1764)

259 Susanna George.  b. in February 1643.236,238

260 Jasper Taylor. d. in 1719.239

He m. Hannah Fitz Randolph, on November 6, 1668 in Barnstable, MA.169,170

They had the following children:
i. John (Died as Infant) (1670-1670)
ii. Mercy (1671-)
iii. Hope (1674-1705)
130 iv. Seth (1677-1721)
v. John (1680-)
vi. Eleanor (Died as Infant) (1682-1682)
vii. Jasper (1684-)

261 Hannah Fitz Randolph.  bpt. Barnstable, MA on April 23, 1648.170

262 Thomas Sturgis.240  b. Yarmouth, MA in December 1659. d. Barnstable, MA on June 30, 1708.126

For nine years, Thomas was a Deputy to the General Court at Plymouth and was appointed to seat persons at church. Administration of his estate was granted to his wife Abigail on July 9, 1708. He bequeathed 66 to his wife which was one third of his estate.

He m. Abigail Lothrop126,241, about 1681.126,240

They had the following children:
i. Fear?176 (1681-)
131 ii. Susanna (1683-1768)
iii. Edward240 (1684-)
iv. Thomas240 (1686-)
v. Hannah176 (1687-1763)
vi. John240 (1690-)
vii. Elizabeth240 (1692-)
viii. Abigail240 (1694-)
ix. unamed infant242 (Stillborn) (1696-)
x. Thankful240 (1697-)
xi. Mercy240 (~1699-)
xii. Dinah240 (1699-)
xiii. unamed infant242 (Stillborn) (1702-)

263 Abigail Lothrop.126,241  b. Barnstable, MA on December 18, 1660.126

264 Daniel Brown.243,78  b. England about 1634. d. Newport, RI on September 29, 1710.

His lands were laid out in 1685 at Westquadomset, where his sons settled, but his own home was situated on 'The Neck,' near Providence. As early as 1672 he owned lands north of the Inman Purchase, near 'Loquassuck,' near Benjamin Hearnden. He also owned lands in Glocester, where several of his sons settled. Administration on his estate was granted to his widow, Alice.

In January 1669, Daniel was a member of the jury which was charged with the inquiry into the drowning deaths of Thomas Smith and his wife, Ruth who fell through the ice of the Pawtuxet River.244

He m. Alice Hearnden78.

They had the following children:
i. Alice78 (1691-)
ii. Ann78 (>1669-)
iii. Daniel78 (>1669-)
iv. Hallelujah78 (>1669-)
132 v. Hosanna (1685-)
vi. Jabez78 (>1669-)
vii. Jeremiah78 (1690-)
viii. Jonathan78 (>1669-)
ix. Judah78 (1671-)
x. Sarah78 (1677-)

265 Alice Hearnden.78  b. Providence, RI in 1652. d. after 1718.245

266 John Hawkins.246  d. in 1726.

He lived in that part of Providence that later became the town of Gocester.247

He m. Sarah _____.

They had the following children:
i. William248
ii. Edward248 (-1741)
iii. Sarah248 (1685->1727)
iv. Elizabeth248 (->1727)
133 v. Mary
vi. Lydia248
vii. Abigail248
viii. Patience249
ix. Phebe247 (~1700-)

267 Sarah _____.

296 Thomas Harris.  b. about 1640. d. on February 27, 1711.184,250

He m. Elnathan Tew251, on November 3, 1664.184,250

They had the following children:
148 i. Thomas (1665-1741)
ii. Richard (1668-1750)
iii. Nicholas (1671-1746)
iv. William (1673-1726)
v. Henry (1675-1727)
vi. Amity (1677-)
vii. Job (1682-1689)
viii. Elnathan (>1664-1749)
ix. Mary (>1664-)

297 Elnathan Tew.251  b. Newport, RI on October 15, 1644.184,250 d. on January 11, 1718.184

298 Henry Brown.  d. Providence, RI on February 20, 1703.183,252 bpt. Rusper, Sussex, England on December 28, 1626.183,253

He was a cousin and brother-in-law to Arthur Fenner.

He m. Waite Waterman254.183,252

They had the following children:
i. Henry (-1727)
ii. Joseph (-1742)
149 iii. Phebe (~1660-1723)
iv. Richard (1676-1774)

299 Waite Waterman.254

300 Edward Smith.137,255,256  b. England about 1630. d. Providence, RI on November 8, 1693.

Edward Smith was an active all of his life in the affairs of the town of Providence and was relatively prosperous. He is called a husbandman in the early records. He served the town in many roles during his life including, hayward 1656, Town Sergeant 1661, Deputy to the General Court 1675-85 and Town Councilor in the 1670's and 80's. He died quite unexpectedly in his sixties while serving as Providence Magistrate in 1693.

He m. Anphyllis Angell257,258, on May 9, 1663 in Providence, RI.

They had the following children:
i. Alice (1664-1739)
ii. Anphyllis (>1665->1704)
iii. Edward (>1665-1726)
iv. Thomas (1671-1741)
v. Benjamin (>1671-1749)
vi. Christopher (>1671-~1758)
150 vii. Joseph (1680-1734)

301 Anphyllis Angell.257,258  b. Providence, RI about 1642. d. after October 21, 1694.

302 Nathaniel Mowry.259,260,261,262  b. Lynn, MA about 1644. d. Providence, RI on March 24, 1718.

It is possible that Nathaniel Mowry was a Quaker since he refused to take an oath when he was called to serve on the jury of trials. He was fined 5 shillings for this refusal. His involvement in town affairs of Providence was typical of prosperous young man. He settled at a place in Providence now known as Sayle's Hill. On December 7, 1687, he brought in the head of a wolf that was killed by his teenage son, Joseph. Nathaniel Mowry and his brother John were associates of his father-in-law Edward Inman when he broke with the townsmen of Providence in 1682 and negotiated a large land purchase of 3,500 acres directly with the Indians. The town eventually acknowledged the validity of the land purchase. He was one of three Providence town constables chosen in 1693. In his will of 1718, he bequeathed to daughter Patience Smith and her five sisters all his cattle and all his household goods after the death of his widow.

He m. Joanna Inman263, in 1666 in Providence, RI.264

They had the following children:
i. Martha (>1666->1775)
ii. Nathaniel (~1667-)
iii. John (~1669->1730)
iv. Henry (~1671-1759)
v. Joseph (~1672-1755)
vi. Sarah (1674->1718)
vii. Mary (1675-1742)
viii. Joanna (~1678-<1750)
ix. Mercy (~1680-)
x. Experience (~1684->1718)
151 xi. Patience (~1686->1734)

303 Joanna Inman.263  b. Braintree, MA about 1646. d. Providence, RI in 1718.

Her marriage intention was published August 28, 1666.

304 Robert Latham.265,266,267 b. England about 1623.268 d. E. Bridgewater, MA before February 28, 1689.

He m. Susanna Winslow265,269,266, about 1649 in Plymouth, MA.270,269

They had the following children:
i. Mercy (1650->1684)
ii. Mary (~1653-)
iii. Susanna (~1656-<1703)
iv. James (~1659-<1739)
v. Hannah (->1725)
152 vi. Joseph (~1663-<1723)
vii. Elizabeth (~1665-1730)
viii. Chilton (~1672-1751)

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