5G Grandparents

128 Deacon Benjamin Cary.  b. Bridgewater, MA on October 29, 1681.164 d. Bristol, RI on January 20, 1735.165 bur. East Burial Ground or Congregational Church, High St., Bristol, RI.48

He m. Susannah Kent.166

They had the following children:
64 i. Benjamin (1706->1790)
ii. Allen (1708-1746)
iii. Nathaniel (Died as Infant) (1711-1711)
iv. Nathaniel (1712-1784)
v. David (Died as Child) (-1718)
vi. Susannah (~1715-1754)
vii. Bethiah (Died as Child) (1717-1736)
viii. Abigail (Died as Child) (1720-1736)
ix. Elizabeth (1721-)
x. Mehitable (Died as Child) (1722-1736)
xi. Lydia (Died as Child) (1724-1736)
xii. John (Died as Child) (1728-1736)
xiii. Joseph (Died as Infant) (1733-1736)
xiv. Seth (Died as Infant) (1733-1735)
xv. Mary (Died as Infant) (1734-1735)

129 Susannah Kent.  b. Swansea, MA on September 25, 1687.166,167,168 d. Bristol, RI on August 29, 1764.48 bur. East Burial Ground or Congregational Church, High St., Bristol, RI.48

130 Captain Seth Taylor.  b. Barnstable, MA on September 5, 1677.126,169,170 d. Yarmouth, MA on December 17, 1721.171,172

He m. Susanna Sturgis, on May 20, 1701 in Barnstable, MA.173,126,174,175 by Barnabus Lothrop J.P.

They had the following children:
i. Barnabus (1702-1750)
ii. Abigail (1703-)
iii. Seth (1705-)
iv. James (1707-1779)
v. Eleanor (Died as Infant) (1709-1711)
vi. Ebenezer (1711-)
vii. William (1713-)
viii. John (1715-)
65 ix. Thankful (1717-1790)
x. Thomas (1718-)
xi. Enoch (1720-)
xii. Nathaniel (Died as Infant) (1723-1724)

131 Susanna Sturgis.  b. Yarmouth, MA on July 4, 1683.126,176,177 d. Bristol, RI on October 13, 1768.126,178

The Arnold Collection of Rhode Island vital records shows her residence as "Barnworth" in her marriage intention to Deacon Throope, evidently a transcription error.179 ] Examination of the original Bristol Vital records discloses the following wording, "Dea'n John Throop entered his intention of marriage with Susannah Taylor of Yarmouth, October 9th 1732." 180 She was admitted a member of the Bristol church between January of 1728 and May 13, 1741.181

132 Hosanna Brown.78  b. Providence, RI in 1685.

In 1714 John Hawkins conveyed land to his son-in-law Hosanna Brown. In 1732 David Burlingame conveyed to his 'father in law Hosanna Brown' a mill privilege on Chepachet River. The lands of Hosanna Brown in 1735 are described as 'on Killingly Road on both sides of Chepachet River.' Hosanna Brown conveyed repeatedly lands in the right of Daniel Brown and William Hawkins. His lands adjoined at the south those of Nathan and Andrew Brown. "The names of his children, except Hallelujah, are found either in deeds from their father or in deeds to one another.

He m. Mary Hawkins78, in 1705.

They had the following children:
i. Mary78 (-1794)
ii. Sarah78
66 iii. Othniel (1706-1755)

133 Mary Hawkins.78

144 Japhet Alverson. b. about 1670 - 1675. d. Warwick, RI before March 23, 1720.21

The following abstracts portions of an unpublished manuscript titled, "The Alverson Ancestry of Sarah Bailey Ray" by Dean Froehlich, Rochester, NY:

The first record of Japhet Alverson is the inventory, administration and distribution of his estate between 1720 and 1726 [Warwick, RI Wills #1 1703-45, 20, 157-8, 216]. His wife Deliverance was the administrator and distributed the estate to the children William, David and Deliverance. The inventory included cattle, horses, bedding, furniture, utensils and feathers, linen, woolen yarn and cloth, flax, wool, tow and two spinning wheels. This would imply that they cultivated fiber and spun them but did not weave them. Other possessions included a Bible, but no real estate, indicating they did not own their home. 131

The origins of Japhet remain a mystery to date. There has been speculation that he might be a descendant of Nicholas "the Swede" Albeson, an early settler of Scituate, MA. His house was burnt by Indians during King Phillip's War and the town voted to contribute to its rebuilding. He was described as a wild and singular man who baptized his own children.182

He m. Deliverance Reynolds?21.

They had the following children:
72 i. William (~1702->1771)
ii. David130,21 (~1705-)
iii. Deliverance21,130 (~1708-)

145 Deliverance Reynolds?21

The maiden name of Japhet's wife, Deliverance, was entered by an unknown informant in pencil in the Alverson manuscript deposited at the Rhode Island Historical Society as "(Reynolds?)". No documentary evidence is known to exist.

148 Captain Thomas Harris.  b. Providence, RI on October 19, 1665.183,184,134 d. on November 1, 1741.183,184,134

He m. Phebe Brown, about 1692.183,184,134

They had the following children:
i. Waite (1694-)
ii. Phebe (1698-)
iii. John (1700-)
iv. Henry (1702-1789)
74 v. Thomas (1704-1782)
vi. Charles (1709-1775)
vii. Gideon (1714-<1777)
viii. Lydia (1715-)

149 Phebe Brown.  b. Providence, RI about 1660. d. on August 20, 1723.183,184

150 Joseph Smith.185,138,139  b. Providence, RI on October 12, 1680. d. Smithfield, RI on February 17, 1734.137

He was a Quaker.

He m. Patience Mowry186,137,139, about 1705.

They had the following children:
i. Jacob (1706-)
ii. Susanna137 (1708-)
iii. Joseph (1711-)
75 iv. Abigail (1712-)
v. Samuel (1713-)
vi. Bathsheba137 (>1713-)
vii. Dinah (>1713-)
viii. Elnathan (>1713-)
ix. Jethro (>1713-)
x. Rebecca137 (>1713-)

151 Patience Mowry.186,137,139  b. Providence, RI about 1686. d. after 1734.

152 Joseph Latham.  b. Bridgewater, MA about 1663.187 d. before July 9, 1723.187

He m. Phoebe Fenner188, about 1688.187,189,141,190

They had the following children:
i. Phebe (->1737)
76 ii. Robert (-1762)
iii. Sarah141

153 Phoebe Fenner.188  b. Providence, RI about 1665.187,141,190

154 Nathaniel Bowdish Jr.191  b. Newport, RI about 1675.192 d. before April 20, 1726.192

Very little is known about the life of Nathaniel Bowdish Junior, except that he was severely punished for crimes in Newport in 1701. At the Newport General Court of Trials held March 28, 1701, he was found guilty of the crime of an attempt of "buggery" with a dog. He was sentanced to be branded with a red hot iron with the letter "R". He was also tied to the tail of a cart and whipped with ten lashes at each of three locations in Newport - the town pound, the colony house and the battery. He was also required to stand upon a stock near the colony house for one hour on three days with a sign on his breast saying, "here I stand for committing the most horrid and beastly sin of buggery or sodomy with a dog".193 194

Little record of him afterwards can be found, however, it is known that his wife Mary within about five years of this event was the spouse or unmarried companion of Simon Orne who was also a weaver from Salem. 143

He m. Mary _____, about 1695 in Newport, RI.

They had the following children:
i. Joseph195 (~1698-)
ii. Moses195 (~1700-)
iii. Mary (~1702-)
77 iv. Catherine (~1704-<1756)

155 Mary _____. d. Smithfield, RI on May 25, 1740.196,142

She had three marriages, two of which appear to have ended unhappily. Her first to Nathaniel Bowdish Jr. ended shortly after he was convicted in Newport of committing "buggery" with a dog. Her second spouse, Simon Orne, committed suicide in 1722, by cutting his own throat with a knife. Her third marriage to a Baptist pastor lasted only about a year when he died also. 143

Her will dated May 25, 1740, proved May 31, 1740 mentions sons Joseph and Moses Bowdish and daughters Mary Davis, Marcy Phillips, Patience Arwine, Hope Walling, Catherine Latham and granddaughter Mary Bowdish.196

156 Richard B_____.

i. Richard (1687-)
78 ii. Joseph (1689-1745)
iii. Thomas (1692-)
iv. Elizabeth (1694-)

160 Samuel Converse Jr.144,145  b. Woburn, MA on April 4, 1662. d. Thompson, CT in 1732.

He was a founder in 1710 of Thompson, Connecticut.

He m. Dorcas _____, about 1693.

They had the following children:
i. Samuel144,145 (1694-)
ii. Edward144,145 (1696-1784)
iii. Thomas144,197,145 (1699-1760)
iv. Dorcas (1703-)
v. Pain144,145 (1706-1781)
80 vi. Josiah

161 Dorcas _____.

In the old Converse genealogies, there was uncertainty about her ancestry and some speculated that she was Dorcas Paine. The recent William Sabin genealogy gives her the surname of Cleveland. More research is needed on this.

162 Benjamin Sabin.147  b. Rehoboth, MA on December 2, 1673. d. Pomfret, CT on December 28, 1750. Resided in Roxbury, MA in 1675. Resided in Woodstock, CT in 1686.

He m. Elizabeth Davis198,199,200,201, on November 4, 1700 in Roxbury, MA.

They had the following children:
i. Benjamin (1702-1783)
ii. Sarah (1703-)
iii. Elisha (1705-1760)
iv. Peter (1707-1792)
v. William (1709-1790)
vi. Isaac (1711-1797)
vii. Elizabeth (1714-1784)
81 viii. Mary (1714-)
ix. Esther (1719-1753)

163 Elizabeth Davis.198,199,200,201  b. Roxbury, MA on April 18, 1678. d. Pomfret, CT on May 16, 1753.

Apparently, the only documentation for the parents of Elizabeth Davis, Benjamin's wife, comes from the Sabin Genealogy. It would seem that definite proof is lacking although both Benjamin and Elizabeth were from the town of Roxbury. Elizabeth's father however had removed to Northampton by 1668, so the connection is not altogether clear. Elizabeth Davis' mother died two years after her birth, her father when she was 12 years old, her 1st step-mother died when she was four. She may have been left in the care of her 2nd stepmother, Hannah (Hull?) (Alexander) (Davis) Pritchard, or some other family at Northampton or Roxbury where Samuel's family originated.

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