GGGG Grandparents

64 Benjamin Cary.121  b. Swansea, MA in 1706.122 d. Pawling, NY after 1790.123

He was probably born in Swansea, MA where his parents were living in 1706 and where his younger brother Allen was born in 1708. However the town birth records of Swansea for 1663-1709 for given names beginning with the letters A, B and C have been destroyed. 124

He probably spent his last days in Pawling, New York where Thankful died and where his sons Nathaniel and Ebenezer lived.123

He m. Thankful Taylor121, on December 26, 1733 in Bristol, RI.122,125,126 by Rev. Barnabus Taylor (int. 12/8/1733).

They had the following children:
i. John (1734-~1824)
ii. Joseph (1736-1818)
iii. Benjamin (~1738-1764)
32 iv. Thomas (1741-<1800)
v. Ebenezer (1745-1815)
vi. Susannah (<1747-)
vii. Nathaniel (1743-)
viii. Thankful (1747-)
ix. George (<1754-)
x. Yetmercy (<1756-)
xi. Abigail (1749-)

65 Thankful Taylor.121  b. Yarmouth, MA on March 8, 1717.127,126 d. Pawling, NY on June 18, 1790.123,128

66 Othniel Brown.78  b. Providence, RI in 1706. d. Glocester, RI on June 4, 1755.129

He m. Deborah Brown.

They had the following children:
i. Mary78
ii. Chad78 (~1729-1814)
iii. Hosanna78
iv. Alice78
v. Deborah78
vi. Rhoda78
33 vii. Sarah
viii. Othniel78
ix. Obadiah78
x. William78

67 Deborah Brown.

72 William Alverson.21,130  b. about 1702. d. after 1771.

The following abstracts portions of an unpublished (as of 1997) manuscript, "The Alverson Ancestry of Sarah Bailey Ray" by Dean Froehlich, Rochester, NY:

The first record of William Alverson was in Warwick, RI where he received a distribution from his father, Japhet's estate in 1724 from his mother Deliverance [Warwick, RI, Record of Wills, 1703-45, #1:157-9]. He was probably in his early twenties at that time. The identity of his first wife and the mother of his children is not know. He was first recorded as a resident of Smithfield, RI in 1738 when he bought land there and was admitted as a freeman [John R. Bartlett, Records of the colony of Rhode Island, Vol. IV: 541, Vol. VI: 203 (1759)]. His occupation noted on several deeds was as a weaver and as a husbandman [Providence, RI Deeds, Vol. 10A: 175, 335, Vol. 10B: 340 and Smithfield Deeds, Vol. 4: 305]. In 1756, when his youngest child was seven years old, he remarried to Jerusha Garnzey in Providence [James Arnold, Vital Records if Rhode Island, Vol. 2: 4]. Within five or six years, he moved from Rhode Island to the town of Sackville in Nova Scotia with his sons, David, Japhet and Jeremiah. Between 1763 and 1778, fourteen grandchildren were recorded as born to the sons of William in Sackville [Esther C. Wright, Planters and Pioneers, Nova Scotia, 1749-1775, Lancelot Press, p. 38]. The occupations followed were weaving for William, shoemaking for David, lumbering for Japhet, and all were land speculators [Sackville Census Reports, 1770 and 1771 and Sackville Township Record Book of Earmarks]. The 1771 census for Sackville shows that 1,000 acres of land had been granted to William and 500 acres each to David and Japhet [Nova Scotia Census Returns, RG 1. Vol. 433:30]. The last record of an Alverson in Sackville was in 1792 when David was called to serve on a jury. [Westmorland County, NB, Records of Proceedings of the Court of Common Pleas: 1785-1809]. Son Japhet left Sackville about 1778-9 for Poughkeepsie, NY; son Jeremiah died in Walton, NY and David is thought to have died in Johnston, RI [Barton, Hettie C. and Housh, Hattie W. B., Alverson-Albertson Genealogy, ms in New England Historical and Genealogical Society, Boston, MA]. None apparently remained in Sackville.131

There is no known documentary evidence naming the spouse of William, other than unverifiable submissions to the Mormon Church.

He m. _____ _____.

They had the following children:
i. John (1725-~1811)
36 ii. William (~1730-1767)
iii. David (1733-1822)
iv. Japhet21
v. Uriah (1738-1835)
vi. Lydia21
vii. Ruth21
viii. Jeremiah (1749-1829)

73 _____ _____.

74 Thomas Harris.  b. on October 21, 1704.132,133,82,134 d. Johnston, RI on December 4, 1782.135,136

He m. Abigail Smith137,138,139, in Glocester, RI.21,81,137,133

They had the following children:
37 i. Lydia (~1733-1823)
ii. Phebe (~1735-)
iii. Joseph82 (~1737-1770)
iv. Abigail (~1739-)

75 Abigail Smith.137,138,139  b. Providence, RI in March 1712.

76 Robert Latham.  b. Providence, RI.140,141 d. Smithfield, RI on April 14, 1762.140,52

He m. Catherine Bowdish.140,86,142

They had the following children:
i. Phebe
ii. Mary
iii. Joseph (-1796)
iv. Robert (~1731-1816)
38 v. William (~1735-1796)
vi. Arthur (-1759)
vii. Elener
viii. Katherine

77 Catherine Bowdish.  b. about 1704. d. before 1756.140

Catherine Bowdish Latham is named in the will of her mother, Mary (_____) (Bowdish) (Orne) Place, along with brothers Joseph and Moses Bowdish.84 143

78 Joseph B_____.  b. in 1689. d. in 1745.

He m. Elizabeth _____.

They had the following children:
39 i. Elizabeth (-<1818)
ii. Sarah
iii. Joseph
iv. Abraham

79 Elizabeth _____.

80 Josiah Converse.144,145,89  b. Killingly, CT. bpt. Putnam, CT on November 21, 1714.146

He m. Mary Sabin147,89, on December 7, 1737 in Killingly, CT.

They had the following children:
i. Esther (Died as Infant) (1739-1742)
ii. Mary145 (Died as Infant) (1741-1742)
iii. Josiah (Died as Child) (1742-1750)
iv. Esther (Died as Child) (1744-1750)
v. John145,89 (1746-1830)
vi. Dorcas89 (1749-)
vii. Mary145 (1751-)
40 viii. Benjamin (1751-1837)
ix. Dyer89 (1754-1818)

81 Mary Sabin.147,89  b. Pomfret, CT on December 10, 1714.

82 Henry Wheeler.  b. Rehoboth, MA on December 29, 1719.148 d. Glocester, RI on September 30, 1798.94

He m. Rebecca Millard, on May 15, 1742.148,149

They had the following children:
i. Henry
ii. Hezekiah94 (1749-)
iii. James94
iv. Jeremiah94
v. Rebecca
vi. Ruth
vii. Freelove
41 viii. Avis (~1757-1817)
ix. Susannah
x. Elizabeth
xi. Lydia

83 Rebecca Millard.  b. on May 25, 1724.149 d. before 1798.

84 Samuel Ellis.150,151,152,105,153,154  b. Medfield, MA on July 14, 1699. d. Medway, MA on August 14, 1769.

Samuel inherited his father's estate in Medway, MA.

He m. Dorothy Hall151,155,156, on September 14, 1720.

They had the following children:
i. Dorothy (1721-)
ii. John157 (1723-1816)
iii. Samuel (1726-)
iv. Ebenezer (1729-)
v. Mary (1731-)
42 vi. Benjamin (1734-)
vii. Henry (1736-)
viii. Hannah (1740-)
ix. Eli (1742-1753)
x. Nathan (1745-1753)

85 Dorothy Hall.151,155,156  b. Wrentham, MA on May 20, 1700. d. Medway, MA on May 13, 1790.

86 Robert Ginnings.158,113  b. Windham, CT on July 11, 1719.159 d. Stafford, CT on October 18, 1803.113,160

He m. Sarah Badger161, on December 20, 1749 in Union, CT.162,161

They had the following children:
i. Abel (Died as Child) (1748-<1760)
ii. Lebbeus (1750-1775)
43 iii. Hannah (1753-1834)
iv. Eunice (1755-)
v. Jerusha (1757-)
vi. Esther (1759-1831)
vii. Abel (1760-1837)
viii. Nathan (1761-1832)
ix. Elizabeth113 (~1768-)
x. Sarah (1770-)

87 Sarah Badger.161  b. Norwich, CT on April 9, 1731.161 d. on May 22, 1822.163,113

Sarah Jennings appears on the 1800 census of Tolland Co., CT with a household of two females, presumably her and a daughter.

90 ______ Brown?

45 i. Lydia (~1770-1825)
ii. John

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