GGG Grandparents

32 Thomas Cary.  b. Providence, RI in 1741.74 d. before 1800. bpt. Beneficent Congregational Church, Providence, RI on May 3, 1747.75

Cary Memorials by Samuel Fenton Cary incorrectly states that Thomas Cary the cabinet maker of Providence County was the son of David Cary of Bristol, RI. However, Bristol, MA vital records show the death of Thomas Cary, son of David & Mary in June, 1735.76 The Cary Memorials records this Thomas' birth date as January 19, 1735, which is not in the Bristol Vital Records and conflicts with the birth date of August 9, 1735 for a sister, and does not make sense given a death in June of 1735. 77 There is no record of another birth of a Thomas Cary to David Cary of Bristol. The evidence from Providence County indicate that Thomas Cary the "shopjoiner" of Providence County was actually the son of Benjamin and Thankful Cary of Providence where he was born. The evidence supporting this are colonial census listings that indicate his home town as Providence, Town Council testimony of Thomas that he was born in Providence, and court records indicating his town of origin was Providence.

He m. Sarah Brown78, about 1764 in Smithfield, RI.79,80

They had the following children:
i. Ebenezer (1765-)
16 ii. Chad (1773-1839)
iii. Asa (~1774-1847)
iv. Sally (~1777-)

33 Sarah Brown.78  b. Glocester, RI.

34 _____ Smith.

17 i. Elizabeth (1772-1817)

36 William Alverson Jr.  b. about 1730.21 d. Johnston, RI on May 27, 1767.21

He m. Lydia Harris.81,82

They had the following children:
i. Caleb (1755-1824)
ii. John (1757-1856)
iii. William (-~1795)
iv. Catharine (1761-1842)
18 v. Joseph (1764-1820)

37 Lydia Harris.  b. Johnston, RI about 1733.83,21 d. Johnston, RI on June 28, 1823.21

38 Captain William Latham.  b. Providence or Smithfield about 1735.84 d. Johnston, RI on May 20, 1796.52,85

He m. Elizabeth B_____.86,52,21

They had the following children:
i. Abraham (-<1817)
ii. Miner
iii. Laban (~1762-1818)
iv. Lydia (1768-1790)
19 v. Catherine (1771-)
vi. James (-1803)
vii. Sarah (>1778-1818)
viii. Jabez (~1778-1819)
ix. Amy (1778-1811)
x. William (~1796-1856)

39 Elizabeth B_____.  d. Johnston, RI before August 5, 1818.87

In her will dated February 16, 1818 (proved August 5, 1818), Elizabeth, widow of William Latham of Johnston deceased, names son Jabez Latham and grandson Horatio Latham.87 [Johnston Probate Records, Vol. 4, p. 468-469]

Her parents remain unproven.

40 Benjamin Converse.88,89,90  b. Thompson, CT on August 28, 1751. d. Ashford, CT on January 21, 1837.91,92 bur. Westford Village Cemetery, Westford, CT. bpt. Thompson, CT on September 1, 1751.93

He m. Avis Wheeler88.94

They had the following children:
i. Cyprian53
ii. Dorcas53,95,88 (1793-1871)
iii. Enoch53
iv. Freelove53
v. Henry53,96,97,98 (-<1865)
vi. John53
vii. Mary "Polly"53
viii. Rebecca99,95
20 ix. Benjamin (1793-1846)
x. Palmer100,101,53 (1798-)

41 Avis Wheeler.88  b. about 1757.102 d. Ashford, CT on May 31, 1817.42,92 bur. Westford Village Cemetery, Westford, CT.

42 Benjamin Ellis.103,104,105,106,107  b. Medway, MA on March 29, 1734.

He appears on the census of 1790 in Stafford, Ct. His last known residence was Monson, Mass. Daughter Hannah was in Monson in 1816. He and Hannah are listed as members, Church of Christ, Monson, MA, 12/4/1806. The NSDAR credits Benjamin with "Patriotic Service" during the revolution.108 Apparently, he was commissioned by the town of Stafford to supply clothing to the army.

He m. Hannah Ginnings109,110, on March 6, 1794 in Stafford, CT.108,110,111 Per Barbour VR, page 55,29.

They had one child:
21 i. Hannah (1795-1857)

43 Hannah Ginnings.109,110  d. Monson, MA on October 8, 1834.22 b. Ashford, CT on March 9, 1753.112,113

44 Nathaniel? Olney.25 b. about 1765. d. between 1791 and 1805.

According to the Olney genealogy, he resided in Glocester, RI and moved to Eastern CT, however the Olney genealogy mistook him for the Nathaniel Thatcher family of Glocester. There is confusion still about Amasa'a father. The death date is estimated from the probate record of Amasa'a guardianship.

He m. Lydia Brown?25, circa 1788.

They had one child:
22 i. Amasa "Brown" (1791-~1865)

45 Lydia Brown?25  b. about 1770. d. Charlton, MA on September 20, 1825.64

John Brown was named guardian of Amasa Olney in 1805 in Charlton, MA, hence the supposition that John was Lydia's brother.

46 Chad Cary.  b. Smithfield, RI on May 17, 1773.41,42,43 d. Killingly, CT/Oxford, MA? on September 5, 1839.18,41,42,43 bur. Putnam Heights Cemetery, CT.

He m. Elizabeth Smith, on January 16, 1791 in Johnston, RI.18,41

They had the following children:
23 i. Anna (1792-1829)
ii. Polly (1794-1874)
iii. Ebenezer (1797-1873)
iv. William (1799-1861)
8 v. George Smith (1801-1874)
vi. Susan T.44 (1803-1882)
vii. Elizabeth45 (1805-1869)
viii. Sally S. (1806-)
ix. Abby T.44 (1808-)
x. Emeline (1809-1884)
xi. Almira (1811-1880)
xii. Chad B. (1813-1855)
xiii. John H. (1816-)

47 Elizabeth Smith.  b. Providence, RI on October 7, 1772.42,43 d. Johnston, RI on June 5, 1817.46,42,47,48,43 bur. Putnam Heights Cemetery, CT or Manton Lot, Johnston, RI.48

56 John Fraser.36  b. Scotland about 1745. d. Boleskine Parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland on June 28, 1785. bur. Easter Boleskine, Invernesshire, Scotland.

John was a tennant at Drummond Plantation, Boleskine, Invernesshire on the lands of Thomas Fraser of Knockie - a cadet of the house of Lovat - located on the east side of Loch Ness. The births of all his children are recorded taking place on the lands of Thomas Fraser of Knockie. The three not born at Drummond were born at seasonal pasturing places on the western slopes of the "Grey Moor".

He m. Catherine "Kett" McDonald36, about 1765.

They had the following children:
i. Elizabeth36 (1766-)
ii. Ann36 (1770-)
iii. Janet36 (1772-)
iv. John36 (1773-)
28 v. Angus (1777-1865)
vi. Marjory36 (1780-)
vii. Isobel36 (1782-)
viii. Beack36 (1784-)

57 Catherine "Kett" McDonald.36

58 Archibald McKay.36  b. Teafrish Farm, Kilmorack Parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland in 1750.114 (near Beauly). d. before 1814.115 bpt. Teafrish Farm, Kilmorack Parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland on January 18, 1750. (near Beauly). Resided in Newton Road, Fraser Mt., Pictou, NS after 1802. Resided in Mountain, East Side East River about 1813.115

Archibald was a tenant farmer at Teafrish farm, about three miles west of Beauly in Inverness-shire on the lands of clan Fraser of Lovat. Who Archibald was married to possibly Bara _____, we don't know as the marriage records are missing from 1768-1806.114

Archibald and Isabella arrived in Pictou in 1801 aboard the ship Sarah with these other passengers:

Passenger List for "The Sarah",arrived in Pictou in 1801 from Kilmorach:
Archibald McKay, farmer
James Fraser, laborer
Bara. McKay
Isobel McKay, spinster
Ann Thomson, spinster
Elizabeth MacKenzie, spinster
Janet MacKenzie, spinster
Margaret Fraser, spinster
Ann McKay, (12); Flora McKay (7); spinsters 116

Rev. David Denoon M.A. period served at the chuch 1758-1792. David a son from his first marriage, followed him as Minister of the parish. Another son, Hugh, went to America with the British Army, and after leaving the army settled at Pictou in Nova Scotia, becoming a landowner and merchant. There was a great need to increase the population, and he recruited emigrants in the early part of 1801. He had two vessels bound for Halifax, "The Sarah" of Liverpool and "The Dove" of Aberdeen. He intended to transport six hundred and nineteen men, women and children, although the numbers could be rounded down to four hundred and thirty, depending on the age and size of the children, as so many could be added together to make one adult. The accomodation they were entitled to couldn't be granted due to excess passengers. A magistrate did issue a warrent granted on the grounds of over-crowding and endagering life "by filth, bad air and confinement'. This was the first time that a regulation of traffic in emigration was used. At the end of 1801 the Scottish Customs Officers had to be sure of 'sea-worthiness' of any vessel carrying emigrants-sufficient water and wholesome provisions had to be on board and that a passenger list be "posted" three weeks in advance of sailing. The Sarah weighed 350 tons and carried 250 passengers and took an incredible three months to make the passage. Small pox and whopping cough killed more than 50 of the passengers (15%) perhaps claiming Archibald's wife and Janet Cameron's husband. 117

It was always thought that all emigrants were 'forced off the land', but opinion is changing and quite a few people (the McKays perhaps) were given the chance and paid for their passage etc. Archibald would have been a tenant farmer, as the land was held by Clan Chiefs, Teafrish coming under 'The Frasers' Lord Lovats lot. If he had lived sometime as I suggested in the enclave he could have been on 'Clan Chissolm' land.114

Patterson's history of Pictou describes him as one of the settlers in 1801 of Fraser's Mountain. 72 His first land purchase was recorded in deed book 2:193. It was a deed from Hugh Denoon to Archibald McKay, "late an emigrant from North Britain" for 12, 300 acres of land on the East River on the west side, next to the land of John Fraser, extending one and three quarter miles back from the river, dated August 17, 1802, witnessed by Hugh Fraser and John McKay. 118

In 1806 or 1807, he revieved a grant of 2.5 acres on the road From E. River to Merigomish. 70

In 1806, he sold his 300 acres as recorded in deed book 2:445, a deed from Archibald McKay of East River, yeoman to William McKay of East River, yeoman, for 150, 300 acres of land, lying next to the land of John Fraser, being the point called the Narrows on the west side of East River, dated August 20, 1806, witnessed by Simon McKay and William Fraser. 119

The same week his son Simon bought a different lot of 300 acres from William McKay as recorded in deed book 2:447, a deed from William McKay of East River, Esq. to Simon McKay of East River, yeoman, for 150, 300 acres of land in East River bound by the lands of William Fraser McKay and Isaac Warren, dated August 25, 1806, witnessed by Simon McKay, William Fraser and Benjamin Furnhull. 120

Simon McKay, heir to Archibald McKay and Janet McKay, widow of Archibald McKay executed a deed which was recorded June 10, 1814. Janet McKay took possession of one third of the real estate on which she was living on "the mountain on east side of East River in Pictou". She also acknowledged receiving from Simon 22, 18s, 3d which was one third of the value of the whole stock of the farm of Archibald McKay, being full consideration of her thirds in the estate of Archibald. Simon agreed to pay Janet 30 for support of his brother, not to exceed 3, 10s per year. Simon assumed all the debts of the estate of Archibald McKay. It was witnessed by William Fraser, Donald Fraser and Donald McKay. 115

The deed did not give a name to the brother for whom support was provided. Assuming that Archibald married Janet in Nova Scotia, then I would assume that the boy was a half brother of Simon McKay. Since Simon was not on the Sarah's passenger list, it must be that he emigrated at some different time than his father.

He m. Bara? _____, before 1777.

They had the following children:
i. Mary
ii. Simon114 (~1781->1814)
29 iii. Isabella "Belle" (1781-1862)
iv. Margaret Ann114
v. Margaret Flora114

59 Bara? _____. b. about 1750. d. at sea? aboard ship Sarah? before 1801.

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