GG Grandparents

16 Chad Cary.  b. Smithfield, RI on May 17, 1773.41,42,43 d. Killingly, CT/Oxford, MA? on September 5, 1839.18,41,42,43 bur. Putnam Heights Cemetery, CT.

He m. Elizabeth Smith, on January 16, 1791 in Johnston, RI.18,41

They had the following children:

23 i. Anna (1792-1829)

ii. Polly (1794-1874)

iii. Ebenezer (1797-1873)

iv. William (1799-1861)

8 v. George Smith (1801-1874)

vi. Susan T.44 (1803-1882)

vii. Elizabeth45 (1805-1869)

viii. Sally S. (1806-)

ix. Abby T.44 (1808-)

x. Emeline (1809-1884)

xi. Almira (1811-1880)

xii. Chad B. (1813-1855)

xiii. John H. (1816-)

17 Elizabeth Smith.  b. Providence, RI on October 7, 1772.42,43 d. Johnston, RI on June 5, 1817.46,42,47,48,43 bur. Putnam Heights Cemetery, CT or Manton Lot, Johnston, RI.48

18 Captain Joseph Alverson.  b. Johnston, RI on February 14, 1764.8 d. Johnston, RI in August 1820.21,49

He m. Catherine Latham21,50, in years between 1796 and 1803.21,51,52

They had the following children:

9 i. Sarah A. (1803-1874)

ii. Joseph21 (1804-1839)

19 Catherine Latham.21,50  b. on May 19, 1771.8

20 Benjamin Converse Jr.53  b. Union, CT on August 18, 1793.10 d. Monson, MA on May 22, 1846.54

He m. Hannah Ellis55,56, on November 8, 1817 in Monson, MA.10,57 Alfred Ely,pastor, Per Monson VR date was 11/28/1816, Per bible record, date was 11/8/1817, Intention date 10/22/1816.

They had the following children:

i. Cynthia58 (1819-)

10 ii. Merrick B. (1821-1864)

iii. Amos H. (1823-1823)

iv. Rueben (1824-1825)

v. William (1826-1826)

vi. Henry M.59 (1827-1894)

vii. Henry L. (1829-)

viii. Lyman H. (1830-)

ix. Mary L. (1833-)

x. Jeroam S. (1835-)

xi. Edwin (1837-)

21 Hannah Ellis.55,56  b. Stafford, CT on February 25, 1795.10 d. Stafford, CT in September 1857.60

The family bible records show DOB as 1797. At the time of the 1850 census, after her husband's death, she was still living in Monson. The census shows her age as 55 and her daughter Mary L. Converse's age as 17. The value of real estate owned was $400.00.61

A Hannah Converse was admitted as a member of the Second Baptist Church of Stafford by baptism on April 5, 1840 and the records show her death as September, 1857.60

22 Amasa "Brown" Olney.1  b. Providence, RI on March 15, 1791.25 d. Canada, perhaps about 1865.25

He m. Anna Cary1, on September 18, 1814 in Johnston, RI.62,25,63,64

They had the following children:

i. Angelina25 (1817-1836)

ii. Amasa25 (1819-)

iii. John B. (1821-)

11 iv. Eliza Ann (1823-1903)

v. Caroline L.25 (1825-)

vi. Henry C.65 (1827-1848)

23 Anna Cary.1  b. Smithfield, RI on January 9, 1792.18,41 d. Ware, MA on May 28, 1829.18,62,66 Death per Rhode Island American was at Hardwick, Ma.

Her death per RI American newspaper was June 19, 1829 in Hardwick, MA. Her death per Jay Cary Family Records was May 7, 1829.

26 John MacLeod.67 b. about 1770. Resided in Cape George, Antigonish, NS before 1820. Resided in Merimichi, NB after 1820.

He m. Christina _____67.

They had one child:

13 i. Catherine (~1807-)

27 Christina _____.67

28 Angus Fraser.36  b. Drummond Plantation, Boleskine Parish, Invernesshire, Scotland on July 7, 1777. witn. Thomas Fraser of Knocky & Alex Fraser. d. on December 18, 1865. bur. Rockly, Cumberland Co., NS.

Angus was born July 7, 1777 at Drummond Plantation in the Parish of Boleskine, second son of John Fraser and Catherine McDonald. He was baptized by the Rev. Patrick Grant at the newly erected Kirk at Drumtemple (Gaelic: "druim teampuill" - ridge of the temple). Angus, his brother John, and his six sisters were all born in Boleskine Parish; and the three that did not occur at Drummond Plantation were due to "an sealach" or the transitory system of summer-pasturing the black cattle on the western slopes of "An Monadh Liath" (The Grey Mountain)

Angus' father John (d. June 29, 1785) and his paternal grandfather William (d. 1774) were tenants at Drummond on the lands of Fraser of Knockie - a cadet-family of the House of Lovat, located at the south-end of Stratherrick on east-side of Loch Ness (between present day Fort Augustus and the Village of Foyers).

Angus Fraser had six years military service with the First Grant or Strathspey Regiment of Fencibles, raised at Forres, Nairnshire by Sir James Grant of Grantin in 1793. The Grants were deployed as an anti-invasion unit in the south of Scotland, and after six years were reduced at Stirling in April 1799. The description of Angus from his discharge papers: "Angus Fraser - Private Soldier - Age 33 - Height 5 feet 5 inches - fair complexion- brown hair - born, Bullesgen."

Angus was granted 360 acres on sixth division of lands at South MacLennan Mountain, NS in October, 1802. He is listed by Patterson's history of Pictou County as one of the early settlers at McLellan's Mountain. 68

He m. Isabella "Belle" McKay36, on December 22, 1808.69

They had the following children:

14 i. Duncan (Twin) (1809-1880)

ii. John36,37 (Twin) (1809-1881)

iii. Margaret36 (1811-1842)

iv. Catherine36

v. Peter36 (-1899)

vi. Charles36 (1815-1908)

vii. Simon36,37 (1816-1891)

viii. Isabella36

ix. Elizabeth Jane36 (1822-1908)

29 Isabella "Belle" McKay.36  b. Teafrish Farm, Kilmorack Parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland in 1781. d. on March 17, 1862. bpt. Teafrish Farm, Kilmorack Parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland on August 29, 1782.40 bur. Rockly, Cumberland Co., NS. Resided in Newton Road, Fraser Mt., Pictou, NS before 1808.

30 John MacDonald.36 b. Glen Urquhart?, Scotland. Resided in Blanchard, NS.36

In 1806 or 1807, he may have recieved a grant of some acres in the Upper Settlement of East River. Three John MacDonalds are listed among the grantees, John MacDonald, Duncan's son for two acres and John MacDonald, James' son for 2.5 acres and John MacDonald, fidler for 5 acres. 70 Since the name James is rare among Nancy's descendants, perhaps it was Duncan's John who was Nancy's father. A John and a Duncan MacDonald were listed as settlers of the Upper Settlement of East River in 1789, Duncan with 200 acres and John with zero. 71

Patterson's history of Pictou reports that several men by the name of John MacDonald and Duncan MacDonald were settlers of the Upper Settlement of the East Branch of East River in 1801 or 1802. Most came from Glen Urquhart, Scotland. 72 Patterson also reports a story of the death of Duncan MacDonald as an old man. 72 There were several John MacDonalds who were passengers on the ships Sarah and Dove in 1801, including one from Urquhart on the Dove with small children and wife Elizabeth travelling with a Duncan MacDonald. 73

Dr. Edwin Fraser says that Nancy came from the Upper Settlement of East River and also refers to her father as John MacDonald (Blanchard), Blanchard being in close proximity to S. McClellan's Mountain where the Frasers lived. The marriage record of Duncan Fraser and Ann McDonanld indicates that she was from Upper East River.

Gravestone near Nancy Fraser in Sunny Brae Cemetery:

In memory of John MacDonald
A native of InvernessShire, Scotland
died Nov. 8 1847
aged 67 years
also his wife
died April 26, 1849 38


15 i. Annie "Nancy" (1807-1886)

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