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Name Donald "Dan" Fraser24
Birth Jul 24, 1799, Cultie, Boleskine Parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland
Death Nov 10, 1876, Springhill, NS
Father Angus Fraser (1777-1865)
Mother Margaret Fraser (~1778-)
1 Janet "Jesse" Ross24
Birth abt 1782
Death 1843
Father Donald Ross
Marriage abt 1817
Children Alexander (1818-)
Hugh (Twin) (1819-1899)
William (Twin) (1819-1904)
Margaret (1822-1895)
Isabella (1822-1912)
Catherine (1824-)
James (1825-1913)
Hannah "Nancy" (1828-)
Donald "Dan" (1831-)
Janet "Jesse" (1834-1907)
2 Isabella MacKensie24
Birth 1817, Sutherlandshire, Scotland
Death 1901
Marriage abt 1845
Children Frances "Fanny" (1845-1931)
Isabella (Died as Child)
Alexander "Sandy" (1849-1917)
Charles (1848-)
Notes for Donald "Dan" Fraser
Born at Cultie, a former small hamlet on the lands of Fraser of Gortlech, a Stratherrick cadet. Cultie is from the Gaelic, "cul taigh", meaning behind the house, and a possible reference to its location behind Gorthlech House - the oldest house in Boleskine Parish where on the evening following the Battle of Culloden Prince Charles and his staff dined and had a conversation with "Mhic Shimidh" (Lord Lovat) and one of his most dedicated cadets, Thomas Fraser of Gorthlech. Gorthlech House still stands, occupied as a farm-house, filled with the memories of that event of so long ago. Cultie is no more than a mile from the Kirk of "Druim Teampuill" where Angus was baptized. All that remains of Cultie is a small farmhouse (Bol. Par. Rec. Edinb.) Donald died at Springhill, N.S. November 10, 1876, the result of a fall. (Mrs. Evelyn Pepperdine, g g granddaughter of Donald and Isabella MacKenzie).24

He settled at McClellan's Mountain, among the 40 families in 1817.
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