Astronomical Footnotes to the Mesoamerican Calendar

Since the publication of my book "Cycles of the Sun, Mysteries of the Moon: The Calendar in
Mesoamerican Civilization" in the spring of 1997, my continued research into various aspects of early
time-reckoning in the New World has produced several new findings which can perhaps be shared
with the academic community most effectively in a series of short papers, no one of which would
merit a journal article of its own but which together may well serve as a contribution of some value.

Here I would like to discuss four of these findings, the first having to do with the possible role
of Venus in the origins of the both the Meso-american 260-day sacred almanac and the 365-day
secular calendar; the second is a new interpretation of the three stone rings erected by the Totonac
people at Zempoala; the third examines the astronomical basis for the Mexican holiday known as
the "Day of the Dead"; and the fourth is a brief observation on the correlation of specific events
in the astronomical calendars of both the Mesoamerican and Western worlds.

(For readers having a special interest in an individual topic, the following links will take you directly
to the paper in question.)

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