List of Illustrations


Chapter 1. Questions, Hypotheses, and Assorted Detours

Chapter 2. Humans and Environment in the Americas

Chapter 3.  Strange Attraction:  The Mystery of Magnetism

Chapter 4.  New Windows on the World: Working the Land and Sailing the Sea

Chapter 5.  The Olmec Dawning

Chapter 6.  The Long Count:  Astronomical Precision

Chapter 7.  Calendar Reform and Eclipses:  The Place of Edzná

Chapter 8.  The Golden Age

Chapter 9.  The Twilight of the Gods

Chapter 10.  Dawn in the Desert:  The Rise of the Toltecs

Chapter 11.  People of the Pleiades:  The Aztec Interlude

Chapter 12.  The Long Journey:  A Retrospective



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