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Families & Supported Employment

Michael Cohen, Former Executive Director of NAMI – New Hampshire,
who is helping to facilitate the family project with the
Johnson & Johnson - Dartmouth Community Mental Health Program

What Family Members are Saying

“I feel that employment is critical to help my son cope better in society. Next to a cure for his illness, work has as much impact as anything.”

“My son has been working for about four years. I see improvement in mixing with people and I see some independence. Best of all, he is earning money to spend as he pleases.”

“Since starting a job, my family member has blossomed! Of course, the money is nice, but even nicer are the compliments she gets from her boss and the friendships she has developed. Those are priceless.”

“My family member’s whole deportment changes when he is working; he is more positive, easier to talk with, and more confident. He just glows!”

“When our son works it improves his life purpose, self image, and gives him a positive demeanor.”

“SE has been a fabulous program for my family member. Without these supports i could see him losing this job more than once. Having someone advocate for him has been very helpful.”

“I’m happy to promote work programs because my daughter has gained so much from hers. Thank you for promoting work for people with mental illness.”

NAMI VT’s Education Conference

Family Project Goals
Family Advocacy, 2008
Family Advocacy, 2009
Family Advocacy, 2010
Family Advocacy, 2011

First Person Accounts
3 Faces, 3 Lives - video
Introduction - video
Supported Employment in Oregon - video

Jenn’s Story
Molly’s Story
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Training Materials for Families
Advocacy Handout: Recovery from Mental Illness Through a Job
Family Training Materials
Family to Family Class 2011

Summer, 2008, Family Members and Family Advocacy Groups
Summer, 2010, Learning from Consumer Advocates and Consumer Providers

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NAMI Kentucky News, 2011-see p. 9 for article on J & J - Dartmouth Program
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Advocacy Handout: Recovery from Mental Illness Through a Job
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