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Evidence for IPS Supported Employment (English)
    First Person Accounts (videos)
    3 Faces 3 Lives
    It’s My Business

    First Person Accounts (written)
    Bob’s Story
    Kenneth’s Story
    Ron’s Story

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      SE Roadmap

      Leadership for Implementation

        Families and supported employment

        IPS Supported Employment Fidelity
        2011 SE Fidelity Review Manual
        SE Fidelity Scale (English)
        SE Fidelity Scale (Spanish)
        Fidelity Report Template
        Fidelity Plan 1
        Fidelity Plan 2
        Data and Record Keeping Requirements for Good Fidelity
        VR Counselor IPS Team Liaison Fidelity Review Questions
        VR Supervisor/Administrator IPS Team Liaison Fidelity Review Questions
        Sample Questions for VR counselors
        Sample Questions for VR supervisors or administrators
        IPS Supported Employment Evidence PowerPoint
        Video - YouTube - IPS-Successful SE Fidelity Reviews
        Video - Dartmouth Server - IPS-Successful SE Fidelity Reviews

        Cultural Awareness and IPS

        Online Course for IPS Supported Employment

        Supervisor Tools
        Supervisor Tools
        Newsletter, Winter, 2009, Employment Outcomes and Quality Improvement
        University of Kansas Supervision Toolbox
        University of Kansas SE Toolkit

        Myths and Facts About Substance Use Disorders
        Brochure About IPS for Medical Prescribers
        Newsletter, Summer, 2010, Learning From Consumer Advocates and Consumer Providers

        Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and IPS supported employment
        Below are some examples of how some state offices of vocational rehabilitation are working with IPS supported employment:
        Illinois Casework Procedures Manual
        Employment Works! Newsletter, Winter, 2010, The Vocational Rehabilitation Issue
        Vocational Rehabilitation Poster
        NAMI Advovate Article: The Alliance between VR and IPS: The Best Plan for Job Seekers
        Employment Unit Meeting
        VR Handout

        For IPS Trainers and State Implementers
        Site Selection Checklist
        Technical Assistance Tracking Form
        Supported Employment Roadmap
        Role of the IPS Trainer
        Steering Committee
        IPS Quiz:
        IPS Quiz
        IPS Quiz with answers

        Employment Opportunities

        Order Materials

        Supervision Tools
        University of Kansas Supervision Toolkit
        Employment Works! Newsletters

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          Sample Forms
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