For IPS Trainers and State Implementers

IPS Brochure

Site Selection Checklist

Technical Assistance Tracking Form

Supported Employment Roadmap

Sample Agency Training Plan

Role of the IPS Trainer

Steering Committee

IPS Quiz:
* IPS Quiz
* IPS Quiz with answers

Supported Employment Principles

Advocacy Handout: Recovery From Mental Illness Through a Job

Fidelity Scale

IPS Fidelity Manual

Fidelity Report Template

Sample Fidelity Action Plan 1

Sample Fidelity Action Plan 2

Sample Fidelity Scheduling Letter

IPS Supported Employment Evidence PowerPoint

Sample Questions for Fidelity Reviews
* Sample Questions for VR Counselors
* Sample Questions for VR Supervisors or Administrators
* Sample Questions by Stakeholders Group

Employment Works! Newsletter, Summer, 2009, Educating Decision Makers

Suggested Resources:
Book 2: A Working Life
Book 3: Supported Employment
Book 4: Fidelity Review Manual
Brochures 1, 2, 3 & 5
IPS Supported Employment Implementation Kit
DVDs: sets 1-3
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