Core Principles of IPS Supported Employment
Research has helped to identify the core principles of Evidence-Based Supported Employment. These principles include:

1. Every person with severe mental illness who wants to work is eligible for IPS supported employment.
2. Employment services are integrated with mental health treatment services.
3. Competitive employment is the goal.
4. Personalized benefits counseling is provided.
5. The job search starts soon after a person expresses interest in working.
6. Employment specialists systematically develop relationships with employers based upon their client’s work preferences.
7. Job supports are continuous.
8. Client preferences are honored.

Evidence‐based supported employment is also
known as individual placement and support (IPS).
These are the same practices and use the same
procedures, scales and approaches. Often the
term ‘supported employment’ is used in a generic
sense and is not synonymous with evidence‐based
supported employment or individual placement
and support. We will use the term IPS supported
employment in our materials.

Dartmouth Medicine article about IPS Supported Employment - Spring, 2010