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J & J Dartmouth Program
J & J Program
Program Flowchart

Demonstration and Testimonial Videos:

Introducing IPS Supported Employment:
3 Faces, 3 Lives
3 Faces, 3 Lives - English Subtitles
3 Faces, 3 Lives - Spanish Subtitles
It’s My Business
It’s My Business - English Subtitles
It’s My Business - Spanish Subtitles
Introduction to IPS - Spanish
Introduction to IPS - English
Partners I
Oregon Partners

IPS Supported Employment Skills:
Benefits Counseling
Job Finding
Job Supports
Team Meeting
Psychiatrist’s Role
Team Leaders Role
Employment Unit Meeting
Employment Specialist

IPS Supported Employment: Strategies that Work;
Job Development
Vocational Profile
Co-occurring Disorders and Epilogue

Quarterly Outcome Tracking Form for J & J - Dartmouth Sites

Families & IPS Supported Employment
Justice Involvement

      • Quarterly Outcomes Report
      • Client Specific Outcomes Form
      • Field Mentoring (Job Development) Checklist
      • Field Mentoring (for engagement, job supports, etc.) Checklist
      • Supervision Record
      • Follow-Along Planning Guide for Supervisors
      • Hiring Employment Specialists
      • IPS Supervisor - Job Description
      • Worksheet for Helping Clients Resolve Ambivalence About Employment
      • Table of Contents
      • Introduction
      • Group Supervision
      • Staff Skill Building and Enhancement
      • Information Management
      • Quality Enhancement

      • Career Profile
      • Career Profile - Spanish
      • Job Start Report (Vocational Profile Update)
      • Job Start Report - Spanish
      • Job End Report (Vocational Profile Update)
      • Job End Report - Spanish
      • Education Experience Report
      • Educational Experience Report - Spanish
      • Disclosure Worksheet
      • Sample Job Search - Education Plan
      • Sample Job Follow-Along Plan
      • Sample Vocational Unit Meeting Agenda
      • Sample Chart Documentation - Progress Notes
      • Employer Contact Log
      • Overview of the IPS Supported Employment Approach
      • Research Evidence for IPS (English)
      • Research Evidence for IPS (Spanish)
      • Justice System Involvement and Employment
      • Ordering Materials about IPS
      • IPS Supported Employment Roadmap
      • Sample Fidelity Action Plan 1
      • Sample Fidelity Action Plan 2
      • Steering Committee
      • Information about IPS for Medical Prescribers
      • Myths and Facts about Helping People with Co-Occurring Disorders
      • Overview of the IPS Supported Employment Approach
      • Overview of the IPS Supported Employment Approach (Spanish)
      • Advocacy Handout
      • Site Visit Checklist (to Determine Readiness to Implement IPS)
      • Sample Agency Training Plan
      • Role of the IPS Trainer
      • Web Links
      • IPS Supported Employment - Overview PowerPoint Presentation
      • IPS Fidelity Report Template
      • IPS Supported Employment Policy Bulletin
      • IPS Supported Employment Policy Bulletin - 2


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