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Interviewing Worksheet

The following is a version of the interview report. Listed under each category are some suggested topics and questions that you may want to keep in mind while conducting the interview.

Intellectual Engagement and Curiosity: "Please comment on the candidate’s demonstrated intellectual engagement: i.e. curiosity, academic experiences that have impacted his/her thinking, love of learning, creativity, depth of thought, breadth of awareness, and articulateness in idea expression. Also, please cite specific examples from your conversation (other than rank-in-class, grade-point-average, SAT/ACT scores, etc.) to support your observations."

  • How has the candidate challenged him/herself intellectually?
  • How does the candidate demonstrate even greater potential for growth?
  • What are the distinguishing features of the candidate's academic accomplishments?
  • What has the candidate learned through his/her academic endeavors?

Commitment and Personal Motivation in Activities: "Dartmouth seeks candidates who have demonstrated talent, tenacity, commitment, leadership, and the potential to make a positive, significant contribution to the College community. In this light, please comment on the candidate’s one or two most significant extracurricular activities or other involvements to which s/he has been devoted, and note any outstanding achievements."

  • How does the candidate use his/her free time?
  • What is the quality of the candidate's activities?
  • How has the candidate distinguished him/herself in his/her extracurricular activities?
  • What motivates the candidate to participate in these activities?
  • What has the candidate learned through these extracurricular endeavors?
  • How could the candidate contribute to the Dartmouth community?

Character: "Please provide your impressions of the candidate in relation to such qualities as initiative, responsibility, tolerance, resilience, integrity, independence, and maturity. We welcome especially an example or two of any specific events, unusual circumstances, or life experiences shared by the candidate which provide insight into relative strengths and weaknesses"

  • What personal qualities distinguish this candidate from others?
  • How does the candidate perceive himself/herself or others?
  • Are there any extenuating circumstances of which the Admissions Office should be aware?

Summary Analysis: "This statement should support your overall assessment of the candidate. In the context of other candidates you have known, how does this student compare as a potential Dartmouth undergraduate? What transpired during your meeting that most justifies your summary rating?"

  • Overall assessment - does the candidate have potential to be a contributor in the Dartmouth community? In what ways?
  • Overall rating:
    • Outstanding - A rare individual; superior; truly distinctive within a strong applicant pool.
    • Highly Desirable - A very appealing candidate with notable academic and personal strengths. One who possesses special talent in one or more areas and who will contribute significantly to the College.
    • Desirable - A generally strong candidate who likely would be a positive addition to the student body and who should contribute to the life of the College.
    • Acceptable - Shows promise of academic success and personal development with no significant weaknesses. Like many others.
    • Recommended with Reservations - Shows some strengths and potential as a Dartmouth candidate but with reservations noted above.
    • Not Recommended - Does not present the overall academic promise or personal strengths expected of a Dartmouth student for the reasons expressed above.

Last Updated: 2/7/13